India Might Be The Cheapest Place To Retire In The World

When considering the cheapest place to retire in the world, many people fail to think about the many opportunities available in India. Due to its status as an emerging economy, the strong currency exchange, and a wealth of recreation options, India is worth a closer look.


India Is An Emerging Economy

This means that now is a great time to make an investment in the subcontinent. India very may well be the place in the world to retire cheap. While prices remain incredibly low for everything from real estate to restaurants, increasing technological capabilities and global integration promise to see a huge modernizing effect in India over the next decade. This is a land of huge division between economic strata.

While some small villages still exist as they did a thousand years ago, India is also a land of huge international cities.

This combination means that India maintains historic traditions while the infrastructure continues to improve.

You can join a mule train to visit mountains that have hosted pilgrims for five thousand years in the morning and have tea in a five star hotel in the afternoon. This is a fascinating and heady time in India’s history to learn about this fascinating country.

The current exchange rate of rupees to dollars is about forty to one. A typical meal runs between 10 and 20 rupees.

This means that you can dine for a dollar. A train ride across the country might total ten dollars or less. Spending western currency in India means that you can take a permanent vacation from thinking about money.


Your expenses will dwindle exponentially so that a tight budget all of a sudden becomes play money. This is why India is probably the cheapest place to retire in the world.


The Culture of India is Enchanting

There will never be a lack of things to do and see. Thousands of temples, monuments and museums reflect the fact that India has been a cultural center for various empires for thousands of years.

This is the magical land where Buddhism was born and some of the planets first great thinkers practiced philosophy. The culture is rich and varied with a little something for everyone.


India is a huge country spanning a wide range of climate zones. Dry deserts, lush mountains, and beautiful beaches abound. Surely there is a paradise suited to your liking somewhere in India. Moreover, despite the reservations that some people mistakenly possess, India is a very safe place to live and to travel. Indians are a peaceful people and you will not have to worry about your safety. Economic conditions, future projects and a huge wealth of diversion makes India in the world as one of the cheapest place to retire to.


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