Five Best Places to Retire in USA

When deciding on the best place to choose for retirement, you should keep several things in mind.   Of course, anybody would want a nice neighborhood with quiet surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere.   Perhaps you have enjoyed the bustle of the city when you were young, but now that you are thinking of retiring, the country atmosphere is probably beginning to sound more appealing.   Apart from enjoyable and scenic surroundings, you should also take the safety, location, and ease of access to shopping, and other accessories into consideration when choosing the place to settle down.   Above all of these comes the price factor.

In economic crises such as we have been experiencing, it is not easy to rely on pension or retirement savings to pay for increasing mortgages, so it is imperative to find the housing you need at the right price.   The best places for retirement can also be the cheapest places to retire. Here are five cheapest options:

1. College towns. Because of the cultural activities and other events that takes place in these towns, they tend to have a very low crime rate.   In addition, the population is mostly students so the prices of   property and utilities are cheaper or affordable.   It is a really a very cheap place to live and could be just the place you need to enjoy your retirement years.

2. Tallahassee, Florida. This county offers no state income tax for retirees, has a beautiful tropical climate, and is a land with rich history.   The area is pleasant and clean, very conducive to retirement plans.   The city is gaining popularity as a wonderful and cheap place in which to live.   The diverseness of the culture and people who live there give the area a very welcoming atmosphere.   This place will definitely become a hub for people planning to retire in the years to come.

3. Thomasville, Georgia. This city is also has a very low cost of living.   To face the facts, most people who are getting older do not enjoy the sights and sounds of the city as much as they used to in their younger years. In fact, the pollution of big cities and the accompanying smog can be a health hazard and cause a lot of frustration. In contrast, Thomasville, Georgia is a green town with plenty of room and houses with great afford-ability.   If you want a quiet country home, this may very well be the place for you.

4. Las Cruces, New Mexico. Among other advantages, the moderate weather and breath taking views are some of Las Cruses crowning beauties.   The small city in New Mexico does not necessarily hold all the modern attractions of a metropolis, but for retirement, there could very well be no better place to call home.   The culture of the land is exquisite, the healthcare good, and the cost of living low.

5. Retire to Salem. The last place on our list takes us to the small town of Salem in Oregon.   This is one of the best places to retire in USA, and also one of the cheapest.   In keeping with the city’s “Cherry City” theme, flowering cherry trees have been planted along many Salem streets as well as on the Capitol Mall across from the Capitol. If you want to feel comfortable but also part of a bigger community, the small town of Salem is a great place to feel at home in your retirement days.

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