Tips on How to Determine Which States Have the Lowest Cost of Living For Retirees, Part II

It is not overly complicated to learn how to determine which states have the lowest cost of living for retirees. Helpful sites online such as and help one to see at a glance which states have the lowest cost of living. One will then need to check which states have a low tax burden for seniors. When taking both cost of living and tax burden into account, the information points to Alabama and Georgia as being the cheapest states to retire to.


Alabama is the cheapest state to retire to in the United States. However, how much a person will spend in this sunny Southern state depends on which city he or she retires to. Two of the cheapest cities in Alabama are Huntsville and Birmingham. Huntsville offers cheaper apartments for rent than Birmingham; however, the cost of utilities, food, transportation and medicine is higher in Huntsville than in Birmingham.

On a monthly basis, a retiree living in Huntsville can expect to spend over $400 on gas and car repairs, nearly $190 on travel and leisure, $279 on phone and utilities, $572 on groceries and an additional $540 on eating out. On the other hand, the average retiree in Birmingham spends $300 on gas and car repairs, $130 on travel and leisure, $260 on phone and utilities, $450 on groceries and about $440 on eating out.

Both Birmingham and Huntsville have a beautiful, sunny climate year round. Huntsville is known for its many beautiful parks, a large 110 acre botanical garden and nineteenth century architecture. The city is also home to the University of Alabama, which offers a wide variety of courses that seniors may be interested in. There are malls, theaters, museums and even a space camp in the city.

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. As such, it has more cultural and entertainment opportunities than other cities in this state. The city offers ballet, a motion picture festival, opera, the Concert Chorale, an orchestra, numerous art galleries and the largest art museum in Alabama. Located at the foot of the Appalachian mountains, Birmingham also offers an active retiree the opportunity to enjoy nature.


Georgia is another excellent place to retire. The two cheapest cities to retire to in this state are Gainesville and Atlanta. Gainesville is a good spot to retire for a person who enjoys living in a small city. The climate is beautiful and there are many retirement communities in the city which offer a wide range of amenities. Lake Lanier and the surrounding area is quite beautiful. Gainesville also has many cultural activities, shopping opportunities, great food and some of the best medical facilities in the state.

An average retiree in Gainesville spends $372 a month on groceries, $430 on eating out, $365 on gas and car repairs and $120 on travel and leisure. Utilities and phone cost an average of $290 a month.   On the other hand, a retiree in Atlanta, Georgia spends nearly $700 on shopping a month, $520 on food out, $190 on travel and leisure, $260 on utilities and $243 on gas and car repairs.

Atlanta, as the largest city in Georgia, has many more entertainment opportunities than Gainesville. There are numerous fitness centers, parks, libraries, golf courses, pools and restaurants. The city is home to four museums and there is even a ski resort about a two hour drive away.

The cities listed here are some of the cheapest places to retire to in the United States. Each city has plenty to offer. A retiree should consider the options and choose a place that is the most suitable, depending on what he or she wants to do during retirement.

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