How to Determine the Place to Retire Cheap

When choosing a place to retire there are a few main factors that should influence your decision making process. Availability of high quality medical care and a manageable cost of living are two majorly important factors.

The next determining factors are usually the climate and the distance from friends and family. If the location is too far from loved ones, easy access to a major airport will make a huge difference in travel expenses for yourself and for your visitors.

In regards to travel expenses, being located near a major U.S. hub will allow retirees the luxury of taking advantage of discounted vacation packages to any location in the world. This, alone, can save you thousands of dollars per year.


Best Place To Retire With Quality Healthcare And Air Travel

Florida has long been a favorite for retirees. The recent severe decline in housing costs in the state is a huge plus for anyone contemplating retirement. Property values have declined as much as 2/3’s in the past few years. This may easily be the opportunity of a lifetime when choosing a place to retire. In addition to the money that can be saved through buying an apartment, condo or home in Florida, there will be the added advantage of being located to airports that are major hubs to all worldwide locations.

The ability to travel is one of the greatest dreams of many retirees. Florida is going to allow access to the least expensive travel choices to locations all over the world via air and sea. Alternatively, the ability of friends and family to find affordable tickets to fly to Orlando or Miami is going to enable your loved ones to visit you more frequently.

Many cities in Florida have top of the line medical facilities. This may not be something many people are too worried about when searching for a place to retire but it should be towards the top of your list in priorities. Medical issues become bigger issues as we age, you will want the best of options should you find yourself with serious medical needs.


A Place To Retire Where It’s Warm

Florida is known for it’s mild climate. Late summer temperatures average in the low 90’s and winter weather averages in the 50-60 degree range. Although the climate is mild, the summers can be very humid and hot. Air conditioning is an absolute necessity. If arthritis is an issue in your aging process, Florida’s temperate climate will be much more soothing on your joints. This will enable you to remain more active during your retirement.

Ultimately, finding a place to retire that suits your individual tastes can be a lengthy process. Florida is but one of hundreds of places that may suit your needs. Orlando, St. Augustine and Ft. Meyers are three great places to begin your search for the perfect location. All three of these locations offer individual housing and retirement community housing that is very affordable presently.

The proximity to high-end medical facilities and community services for retirees is exceptional.   Additionally, the major air hub in Orlando will provide great opportunities for world travel at some of the best prices you will find.

There are a few negative issues in Orlando, Ft. Meyers and St. Augustine that you may wish to consider. The extremely warm summer months are very humid and muggy. Outdoor activities during the warmest of months may have to be curtailed depending on your health conditions. Traffic will be a nightmare during the tourist seasons in Orlando. Ft. Meyers and St. Augustine won’t be as heavily visited by tourists but will still be affected by the influx of tourists. Keep in mind that any location you will choose is sure to have both pros and cons. Determining which benefits and disadvantages are most important to your style of living and your preferences is a decision that each retiree must decide.

Schedule a trip to these locations before making any decisions. Each person is individually affected by their environment and has different priorities. Making the appropriate decision about your retirement location will require that you personally visit to every destination that interests you.


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