What are the Top 3 Cities Recommended for Retiring Cheaply in the US

A retiree who wants to save money may need to move to another city. The cost of living and even the tax rate can vary from city to city. While moving takes time, costs money and is hard work, it can save one thousands of dollars in the long run.

A person who is wondering what are the top 3 cities recommended for retiring cheaply in the US should have a look at the list below.


Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky has the lowest cost of living out of all the states in the United States. The overall cost of housing in this state is quite low and the price of buying a home continues to fall, according to realestateabc.com. One can buy a three bedroom, two bathroom home with a large yard and garage for only about $150,000; the median price of a small house comes to only $130,000.

In addition to having a low cost of living and cheap housing, Louisville also has plenty of greenery, great weather year round, top notch medical facilities and many entertainment opportunities.


Houston, Texas

Houston is one of the cheapest places to retire in the United States for several reasons. One reason is that the State of Texas does not charge income tax. The state also does not tax Social Security benefits or retired military pay. Houston also offers some of the most affordable housing in the United States.

One can rent a one bedroom apartment in the city center for just a bit over $600 a month, according to the statistical website Numbeo.com. However, a person buying an apartment should look for a place to live outside the center, where prices are just a bit over $900 per square meter.

Houston’s overall cost of living is much lower than the national average. Furthermore, Houston has so much to offer that a retiree will never get bored. There are over three hundred parks plus numerous theaters, stores, malls and restaurants. Over a hundred ethnic groups can be found in this large metropolitan city and the cultural diversity that Houston has to offer has made it one of the best places to retire to in the United States.


Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico is one of the cheapest cities in the United States to retire in. The cost of renting an apartment in this small city is extremely low. An average one bedroom apartment (outside the city center) costs only a bit over $300 a month to rent while a three bedroom apartment would only cost $850 per month to rent. The price of eating out, utilities and groceries is also quite low.

Another reason why Las Cruces is a cheap place to live is that it is located right next to the Mexican border. Mexico, as most people know, has a much lower cost of living than the United States.

However, many people do not realize that high quality dental care and medical care in Mexico is only half or a fourth of what it would be in the US. Living in a cheap town near Mexico ensures that one will be able to save a lot of money. Furthermore, Las Cruces has a vibrant cultural scene, various attractions and great weather all year round.

A person who is wondering what are the top 3 cities recommended for retiring cheaply in the US should have a look at the list outlined above. These cities are not only cheap retirement spots but also have a lot to offer in the way of entertainment opportunities and high quality medical care. It is not surprising that all of these cities are popular retirement havens for those who want to retire comfortably on a limited budget.


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