Best Towns to Retire in USA

Best towns to retire in are usually wherein retirement is a phase in life filled with new opportunities for rest from the hustle and bustle of the working world. This is your time to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life .

Three wonderful places to consider retiring are Leiper’s Fork, TN, Julian, CA and Wrightwood, CA. Small Town USA is where community relationships form and the deeper quality of life begins to blossom.

Leiper’s Fork, TN is located in the middle part of the state, a 10 minute drive into Franklin, known for its historic town square, and thirty minute drive to Nashville, making its location convenient to top quality medical facilities, cultural events and an international airport.

The setting is quintessentially country, but with an upscale clientele. Puckett’s Grocery Store is the focal gathering place in town, is authentically old fashioned and is one of the best towns to retire in.

With mismatched wooden chairs around primitive wooden tables, locals help themselves to down-home country cooking. If you were so inclined, you would be right at home to take your toothpick and sit on the bench out front enjoying the beauty of the Tennessee landscape and friendly people.



Julian, CA is located in the Cuyamaca Mountains approximately 1 hour east of San Diego. It is a historic town with intimate bed and breakfast facilities for tourists who flock there for its famous apple pies.

Surrounded by pine tree forests, Julian boasts the fullness of all four weather seasons.

Winter brings snow to this mountain village, filling the crisp air with the beautiful aroma of lit fireplaces. Springtime offers the elegance of mountain flowers. Summer temperatures will lure you in the direction of a nice shade tree. Autumn is magnificent to experience as nature begins its transition for winter.

The locals live in a close community of houses near the Main Street or on the outskirts where homes take advantage of vista views and open spaces of the A-frames and log cabins suit the area well. Your retirement lifestyle in Julian will be a wonderful quality of life in a truly lovely mountain community.

Wrightwood, CA is situated in a unique niche, hidden behind a pine forest mountain and yet a mere fifteen minute drive to Interstate-15, a primary freeway in Southern California just skirting the eastern boundaries of Los Angeles.

Access to this village is amazingly easy, winter or summer.

The community is built in a valley and surrounded by mountains. Winter brings snowboarders to its ski resort and creates a bustling business for the locals who provide bed and board facilities and room rentals to this otherwise quiet place. Life is casual in Wrightwood. People are warm and friendly as quickly realized by visiting one of the local pubs or restaurants.

Huron, OH and Milan, OH offer retirement options to those who enjoy the conservative, family-oriented culture of Northern Ohio.

These two communities pride themselves in valuing Sunday afternoon visits with friends and family. Andy of Mayberry would be comfortable living in Milan or Huron, as two of the best towns to retire in.


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