Best Cities To Retire In

Listed are the best cities to retire in the United States. Since retirement is a huge step in everyone’s life, but must be taken at some time for all of us.

The decision to leave the work force, sometimes after more than four decades in it, is anything but easy and all possible factors must be considered before that decision is made.


How do you want to live? Where do you want to live? Those are but a couple of the many questions that daunt the millions each year who consider retirement.

The first step towards answering those questions, though, is picking the perfect city in which to live, and enjoy, your retirement years. In fact, the right city can mean everything towards the success of your retirement. That said, here are the top five best retirement cities across the US:


1. Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham has a population of about 70,000 making it a perfect sized to be one of the best city to retire in, but has much more than size to offer. Situated between Vancouver and Seattle, the small city is bustling with activity and rich with the beautiful and elegant terrain of Washington. From mountains to coastlines, Bellingham has it all.


2. Largo, Florida

Largo, just like Bellingham, has a population of about 70,000 making it perfectly sized as well. It is but a short drive from Tampa Bay, but lacks the feel of the big city. With wide-open spaces, many golf courses, and plenty of coastlines, Largo proves a dream retirement city for some that is why a huge number of retirees included it on their list as the top, if not, as one of the best cities to retire in.


3. St. George, Utah

If you enjoy sports and recreation, St. George is the place for you. With 35 miles of walking trails through the beautiful Utah terrain, along with a large public pool and many tennis courts, St. George is a hub for retired athletes across the nation, and at the small size of 50,000 people, it may prove perfect for your retirement needs.


4. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth is by far the smallest town on the list, having a population of just over 23,000, but has just as much to offer as the others.

With a multitude of theaters across the town, along with a bustling night life and a location nestled in nicely between New Hampshire and the state of Maine, Portsmouth proves a beautiful and quaint town in which to live your retirement years.


5. Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin has a population of 46,000 people, double that of Portsmouth, but is often considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in the entire nation. It is full of history, from the civil war memorials across town to the rich and antique architecture of the many Victorian style homes, but blends the past well with the present. It is a thriving city, growing faster than any other in Tennessee does, and would prove the perfect spot and to be one of the best cities someone can retire in.

In all, retirement is a life-changing decision, and with that comes a lot of stress. So many factors go into the decision, in fact, that making it may seem overwhelming to some.

However, realize that through simply choosing the right city to retire in within the cheapest places to retire, many of those factors can be solved. For that, hopefully the list above has helped.


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