A Great Value and Environment: The Best City to Retire

The best city to retire in is always pitched as being in a southern, warm climate, but not everyone sees eye to eye on the issue.

True, warm weather is appealing to most people, especially elderly folks who find colder temperatures to be less friendly for their joints and the cause of unwanted aches and pains.

Still, some people do not mind cooler temperatures. For those that enjoy a colder climate, Boise, Idaho is the best city or place to retire in. Aside from the cold, Boise offers a thriving economy, many delicious restaurants, arts, activities and accessible trails for walking, and sight seeing all within an affordable environment.


Cool Tolerance: Making the Most of The Best

Boise’s population is slightly higher than two hundred thousand making it a large enough city to have plenty of culture yet small enough to remain safe from major crime. The university of Boise offers the city a line to new culture. The youthful population that lives in the urban corridor along Ninth between Fort and Front streets vitalizes the community, bringing in performance art, visual arts, music and a vigorous nightlife.

Retirees might not like the rambunctious attitude that youths have, but they will certainly enjoy the culture that the youth crowd is responsible for creating. Culture is a large part of making Boise the best city to retire in, and the economy makes it a steal.

Housing in Boise is so moderately priced that people moving from the West Coast can usually buy a home twice the size of their previous home for half the price. In the suburbs around Boise, a two thousand square foot house sells for around 175,000 dollars. By comparison a San Diego home of a thousand square feet routinely costs 250,000 dollars. Cheap real estate prices are a major factor in why Boise is the best city to retire in.

Though the average temperature in Boise during the spring, summer and fall is not much higher than seventy-five degrees, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep retirees busy. Walking trails, lakes for fishing, bike paths and rural roads to drive for sightseeing are all less than ten minutes outside the city.

Winters are cold, and snow can be plentiful, but residents of the city will point to as many enjoyable indoor activities for the winter as there are outdoor events for the summer. The best city to retire in is undiscovered. The best city is Boise, Idaho.


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