The Top 10 Best Places To Retire In Canada

The 10 best places to retire in Canada include Victoria, British Columbia, Ottawa, Ontario, Kingston, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, Quebec, Quebec, Lewis, Quebec, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Joliette, Québec, London, Ontario and Moncton, New Brunswick.

Knowing what else these cities have to offer makes planning the future fun and easy. Retirees choosing to relocate are looking for amenities. They want a comfortable climate with clean air, affordable housing, a low crime rate, availability of medical care and something to do.


What are retirees looking for in a comfortable retirement?

Having choices among the best city to retire in Canada allows retirees to be selective and consider their needs now and later. This group wants nice weather, available services and activities to entertain and educate them. Using the same data to compare different areas allows senior citizens can make informed choices.

Weather and air quality are analyzed based on the total amount of precipitation, number of wet days, number of days when temperature drops below zero Celsius and air quality.

The number of crimes is divided by 100,000 (population) to determine local crime rate. Dividing the number of physicians by the population allows computation of medical care.

Public transportation, hospitals, universities and population growth to ensure continued community support were all analyzed. Activities include fine dining, shopping, professional sport teams, golf courses, water sports, ski hills, theaters, casinos, parks, and recreational areas. All of these criteria were considered to be able to choose the best places in Canada to retire in.


The number one pick in Canada

Each city or area has much to offer for new comers. The number one pick of the top five best places to retire in Canada is Victoria.

This is a gardeners’ delight with only 52 days of freezing weather a year. 17.8% of the population is 65 years or older. There is an abundance of outdoor activities to do or enjoy like that Butchart Gardens, water sports, Victorian buildings with a leisurely rhythm of life.

Ottawa is a lively area of culture and intellect; over 50% of the population holds a college degree or higher.

The National Arts Center offers opera and concerts and the famous Winterlude, a winter celebration includes ice sculptures and bed races. Coming in third is Kingston, a waterfront community where the St. Lawrence River flows from Lake Ontario with humid warm summers and cold winters.

Cruise ships leave this riverfront city to tour Thousands Island. Established as a fur trading post, history abounds in the buildings and Fort Henry National Historic Site.


Vancouver has been crowned British Colombia’s commercial capital as it is Canada’s west gateway, the entrance to the Far East.

More than one million and four hundred thousand people of various ethnic groups live here; Vancouver’s Chinatown is the second largest on the West Coast.

The shopping center comprises three delightful streets, Robson, Granville and Denman; the old district Gastown has been totally revamped. French-speaking Québec is the second largest city of Canada. Full of French influence the buildings are exquisite, dining is an out-of-this world experience and shopping excursions are delightful adventures.

When retirees find the best places to retire in Canada and move into their new homes, they will think they have found paradise on earth. These wonderful cities offer everything relocating senior citizens want and much more.

Each person can match their interests and desires to the right area and have a fun filled retirement.


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