Is it a Good Idea to Retire in Canada

To retire in Canada is not as difficult as it is to retire to an unknown country in Central America, South America or Asia. Canada is on the United States border, English is the national language and the country has a modern infrastructure with many of the same malls, stores and restaurants that can be found in the United States. Canada is also a beautiful country with tourist sites, many varied forms of entertainment and an interesting culture.


Requirements for Retiring in Canada

United States citizens are not required to obtain a visa before entering Canada. Anyone with a United States passport can visit and live in Canada for up to six months. One will then need to leave and re-enter the country. This is probably the simplest and most affordable option for a retiree who plans to visit family and friends in the United States on a regular basis.

Canada does not have a retirement visa per se. However, one can obtain an investor visa for Canada and then retire to the country. This would have to be obtained at a Canadian consulate or embassy before traveling to Canada. Furthermore, one would have to invest $400,000 (in Canadian Dollars) in order to qualify for this type of visa. One would not have to work or be a regular investor in order to keep this visa.


Cost of Living in Canada

A person who wants to retire in this country should be aware that the cost of living in Canada is higher than living in most cities in the United States. Gasoline costs $1.21 a liter, a meal out in an inexpensive restaurant costs nearly $13 and groceries are significantly more expensive than they are in the United States. An average one bedroom apartment outside the city center costs $778 a month in rent while utilities come to almost $250 a month. Buying an apartment would come to $2,844 if one purchases an apartment outside the city center; apartments in or near the city center are nearly 33% more expensive.


Best Places to Retire in Canada

A report made by the Canada Business Magazine states that some of the best cities to retire to in Canada are Victoria (British Colombia), Halifax (Ontario) and Kingston (Ontario). These cities have been rated according to the landscape, cost of living, climate, transportation and health care services provided. However, each person is different and an ideal retirement destination for one person may not appeal to another. One will need to consider what type of city or town he or she wants to live in.

A person who wants to retire in this place may want to visit a number of cities and see which one he or she likes best. While it is not exactly cheap to retire in this country, it is a beautiful place to retire to and has consistently been listed as one of the top ten most popular retirement destinations. A person who wants to retire here in Canada will find that this nation’s pristine beauty, friendly nature and many similarities to the United States make it a great retirement spot where one can fully enjoy his or her golden years.


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