Top 10 Places to Retire Cheap

The top ten places to retire cheap discusses the finest, expensive or not, possible retirement places.

If you are retiring but have a limited income, then you may want to consider retiring abroad. There are a number of countries with a high standard of living where your dollars will stretch further than they do in the US.



Panama tops the list of places to retire cheap. It has a low cost of living, and while the national language is Spanish, many people in the capital also speak English. The country uses the US Dollar as its national currency, saving you the hassle of having to change your money.



Nicaragua is a good place to retire comfortably; that is why its included on the top places to retire cheap.

The government has made it easy for Americans to retire there by allowing you to bring up to $10,000 worth of household goods into the country without paying tax.

Household help is cheap, American trained doctors provide their services for around $35 per consultation, and the country has a low crime rate.


Costa Rica:

If you appreciate beautiful beaches, then this is definitely the place to retire. The country has gorgeous weather and is very scenic. The cost of living is much lower than it is in the US and the country has a very low crime rate.



Malta is likewise within the top ten places to retire cheap, not only has a low cost of living, it also has excellent weather all year round.

This small island country is located in the Mediterranean and has a great beaches and scenic attractions. English is commonly spoken, so it is not hard to get around.


New Zealand:

New Zealand is a beautiful country that has a low cost of living and gorgeous weather. This first world country has excellent infrastructure and the national language is English. The only downside is that it may be hard to gain full year residency there.



Uruguay is a small country in South America that borders Argentina and Brazil. It has a very low cost of living, beautiful beaches and attractive theaters, galleries and restaurants.

In fact, some have compared this city to a low cost Paris no wonder its listed on the top ten inexpensive places to retire.

However, if you are serious about retiring here, you will need to learn Spanish; you will be hard pressed to find English speakers in this country.



Belize is a good country to retire in, not only because it has a low cost of living but also because, thanks to the countries Retired Persons Incentive Program, you may not have to spend a cent on taxes during your retirement there. If you really want to stretch your income, live in a city other than the capital.



While Turkey is not commonly thought of as a good place to retire, it has beautiful beaches, a great climate, and fascinating tourist spots. The country is, generally speaking, fairly peaceful. If you want to retire cheaply in Turkey, then choose a city that is not right on the oceanfront and that is not a tourist hot spot. You will find your dollars go far and the cost of living is fairly low.


The Philippines:

The Philippines is a good place to retire if you would rather retire in an English speaking country. The visa laws make it easy to gain permanent residence as a retiree and even work a bit, if you like.

The Philippines is a cheap place to retire and the country does have a good standard in many ways. Not surprising the this country is must to be on the top ten places to retire cheap.


Argentina is a great place to retire if you enjoy beautiful weather, great wine, high quality beef and lovely scenery.

Argentina has a lower cost of living that of in the US, especially if you move to a city or town that is not a regular tourist spot.



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