Best Places to Retire in the United States

The best places to retire in the United States has always been traditionally the land of opportunity where people get a chance to work all their life, and then finally find a suitable place to retire and reap the rewards of their life’s work. It include regions on both the west coast as well as the east coast.


Retire in a Coastal or Non-Coastal State

The West Coast or the Pacific region offers excellent retirement opportunities among the scenic western coastal states in the country. Whether it is California, Washington or Oregon, all are part of the great western coastal region where there are plenty of idyllic retirement havens from which to choose. There are opportunities for people with different post-retirement income levels.

The non-coastal regions of Nevada and Arizona are also a part of the Pacific region for people who want to be a little away from the coastal climes.

Hawaii and Alaska are also two exclusive retirement destinations in the Pacific region that are world renowned for their natural beauty and easy pace of life.



Along the beach

If you are keen on a retirement in a beach location, Florida and the adjoining regions offer some of the best places you can retire in the United States.

One of the most popular retirement communities in the region is Largo, which is a beautiful city dotted with parks and golf courses. The weather is highly congenial all through the year, and there is no snow at all.

There are wonderful retirement condominiums available, which are set in the midst of swinging palm trees and enveloped by pristine sandy beaches from all sides.


Residential along beaches or lakes with outdoor activities

The region around the Huron River near Michigan is also ranked among the finest retirement places in the country. The region has some very ideal residential options for retirees in areas that are flanked by spectacular beaches, peaceful lakes and natural parks which makes them part of the best places in the United States you can retire to.

There are skiing, biking, tennis and golf clubs in the region where the retirees can have some wonderful time and find the opportunities to socialize with other people in the community.


Exclusive retirement locations

Some very exclusive retirement places are also available around South and North Carolina region. There are areas with majestic mountains, large parks and wooded areas with grand live oaks that provide the perfect retirement setting for nature lovers.

Ashville area and the surrounding mountainous regions in North Carolina are a classic example of a retirement place. There are modern amenities such as hospitals and medical stores, restaurants and recreation centers available to ensure a comfortable retired life for the senior citizens.


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