What Are the Best Places to Retire in the South

The best places to retire in the south are the places that offer a low cost of living, many forms of entertainment, good weather and good medical care. A retiree should take all these factors into consideration when choosing where to retire. Naturally, a retiree will also want to find a retirement location that is near friends and family. Following is a list of the top four places to retire in the Southern United States. While no place is perfect, each spot does have much to offer any retiree.


Stafford, Texas

Stafford is a small city in Texas that is not far from Houston. There are several reasons why this is one of the best in the South. The weather is warm all year round and there are civic centers, pools, libraries, museums, shopping malls, theaters, golf courses and more.

An average home in the area costs a bit less than $180,000. Texas has no income tax and Stafford does not charge property tax. A retiree with a limited amount of money is sure to find that Stafford is really one of the best places to retire in the South.


Doral, Florida

Doral has a lot to offer any retiree. This small and relatively new town is just fourteen miles away from Miami. There are beautiful beaches, gorgeous parks, golf courses, museums, theaters and shopping malls in or around the city. One can purchase a three-bedroom home in Doral for $235,000—$300,000, although some homes are much more expensive. Florida is a relatively cheap place to live with a 7% sales tax and low overall tax burden.


Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is definitely one of the best places to retire in the south, especially for retirees that are fairly active. Henderson not only has low taxes but also many varied forms of entertainment. The city is well known for its “Shakespeare in the Park” performances, scenic bird preserve and Multigenerational Facility. Henderson has parks, golf courses, pools, health clubs, theaters, libraries and museums. Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and The Strip are all a short drive away from the city. One can purchase a home in Henderson for around $313,000.


Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, the city is perhaps best known for its music, but it also offers plenty of fishing, hiking and boating opportunities. The winters are a bit chilly but not nearly as cold as winters in the Northern United States. Nashville has plenty of greenery, as well as pools, health clubs, libraries, museums, golf courses and shopping malls.

The cost of a home in Nashville is a measly $151,000 and the state has a reasonably low tax burden coupled with a low cost of living.

Each of the best places in the south has much to offer. However, no one city is perfect or without flaws and disadvantages. A retiree should take all factors into consideration when deciding where to retire and choose the location that he or she feels is the most suitable.

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