Where are the Best Places to Retire in the World?

On selecting the best places to retire in the choice is endless when it comes to choosing your retirement destination.

Narrow down your options by asking yourself a few simple questions. Do you want to stay in the US, or move overseas? What is the most important factor? It may be safety, the weather, the availability of medical services or the cost of living.

How much money do you have to retire on? The average annual retirement income of a typical American is $29,000. This will go a lot further in some places–both in the US and abroad–than in others.

Whatever your budget, you should try to find best places for retirement, in order to maximize your savings. A combination of low living costs and a good quality of life makes a place worth considering as a retirement destination.

In the US, the Midwest and Southern states are generally considered to be the cheapest states to live in. If you want a fast pace of life and plenty of culture and activity, consider Austin, Texas.

Its relatively low cost of living and lovely hot summers are other reasons that it is becoming a popular place to retire.


Where can your Retirement Income Fit?

If you want a quieter lifestyle, Paris, Tennessee is the best place in the world to retire to and relax with its beautiful lakes hours away from the buzz of a major city. With an average house price of well under $100,000 in 2009, Paris, TN is also an affordable option for retirees.

Florida has traditionally attracted huge numbers of senior citizens every year, but may have been too expensive an option for many.

However due to the crash of the housing market, it is now far more affordable in certain areas, such as Fort Myers, where the average selling price of a house was only $98,000 in 2009. The beach, great shopping complexes, golfing and fishing opportunities make Fort Myers great for retirees best places to retire in.

Worldwide, there are many places in which your retirement income will go a long way. Costa Rica is known for being a cheap place to live and offering a low cost health care program (it costs only $600 to apply). With discounts offered on taxes on vehicles and imported goods, you can bring what you want from the US without a heavy financial penalty. The great weather in Costa Rica is another added bonus.

Belize is another good place to retire in; not only is it cheap to live there–you can do so quite comfortably for as little as $1,000 per month–the climate is wonderful and the environment relaxing.

Modern technology makes communicating with loved ones in the US easy no matter where in the world you retire to. But if you don’t want to go too far from your home country, Mexico is an ideal choice. You can live there for a fraction of what you need to live in the US, and cheap medical care is a real plus for senior citizens.

The short distance to the US means you can go back there to visit family and friends whenever you like.


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