The Best State to Retire In

In weighing the best state to retire in and if you are approaching retirement, preparation is the key.

While some choose to spend retirement in the state they currently reside in, others want a change of surroundings and scenery.

There are many things that must be considered to make a well-educated decision on your relocation.

Factors to consider include housing prices and cost of living, climate, taxes, amenities, health-care, retirement communities, and state and local taxes.

Review the top 10 best states to retire to and make a decision that fits your lifestyle.


Florida has one of the highest populations of retirees in the nation. Because of the year-round warm weather and a plethora of retirement community options, more and more retirees are relocating to the east coast to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Coast.

With no state taxes, low home prices, top-notch health-care, and a variety of amenities, Florida remains the top choice for retirement and be the best state for retirement in the US.

Arizona and Utah

For retirees looking for excellent scenery and outdoor recreation options, Arizona and Utah have become the second and third best state to retire in which to retire. For those who prefer hot and dry climates, Arizona is the perfect choice.

The slow pace of communities is appreciated for those in retirement, and home prices are affordable in most areas. While there is a state tax of 4.54% and a sales tax of 6%, these taxes are well below taxes in other neighboring states. Utah also offers beautiful scenery with similar tax rates and climate.

Georgia and Tennessee

Georgia and Tennessee take 4th and 5th ranking for the best retirement state. Georgia offers a variety of retirement communities that are inviting to active adults. With scenic communities and downtown communities, there is something for everyone.

Climate remains humid and tropical with hot summers and mild winters. The cost of living in Georgia is also well below the nation’s average making it an affordable choice for retirees on a budget.

Tennessee also boasts a low cost of living along with an easy lifestyle. For those looking for a laid-back way of life, Tennessee offers one of the lowest state taxes and exceptional recreational opportunities.


North Carolina

North Carolina ranks 6th on the list, and is perfect for active retirees. Becoming one of the most popular choices for baby boomers, North Carolina combines coastal beaches and western mountains for a versatile way of living. With hot and humid summers and mild winters, the climate has become a preferred choice for many.

While state taxes rank number 20 as the highest in the country, the cost of living balances this factor out. Washington takes spot number 7 on the list for active seniors with tax-friendly laws for retirees and a number of outdoor recreational activities.


Alabama offers warm climates and a welcoming community. Ranked number 8 on the list of best states to retire to, Alabama is rated as one of the most tax-friendly states in the nation by the Tax Foundation. With mild winters and hot and humid summers, you can escape from the snow all-year long.

Oregon and Illinois

If snow is something you are looking for during the winter months consider Oregon and Illinois. Oregon offers natural beauty and dynamic people and geography. While state tax rates are one of the highest in the country, the moist air has become attractive.

While Illinois has harsh winters, they offer a variety of scenery including city life and natural preserves. With a low cost of living and state taxes, Illinois ranks number 10.

As you can see, there are many benefits for each retirement destination. Determining which climate and cost of living is best for your personal taste will allow you to choose the best state to retire in.


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