What a Person Who Wants to Retire in Oregon Should Know

To retire in Oregon can be a pleasant prospect. This northern state has beautiful scenery, clean air, many options for outdoor recreational activities and a relatively low cost of living. Oregon is one of only five states that does not charge a state sales tax. This alone makes living in Oregon a pleasant prospect for a retiree who has a limited pension. However, Oregon has much more to offer than simply the opportunity to save money.

Best Places to Retire to in Oregon

When choosing a town to retire to, there are many factors that should be considered. Many retirees opt to live in a small town as opposed to a large city. Small town living is friendly, safe and enjoyable.

A person who wants to retire in Oregon should choose a small town that is located near a large city. In this way, one can enjoy all that a large city has to offer while living in a country town.

Beaverton is an excellent town to retire in. This town is located very near to Portland and is known not only for its beauty but also its high quality medical care.

However, an active retiree who wants to retire in Oregon will likely be drawn to either Bend or Eugene. Both towns are located near the Willamette National Forest and provide plenty of golfing, fishing, hiking and camping opportunities.

Salem is another great city to retire to in Oregon. It is quite large but it not as big or as expensive as Portland. It has a lovely community feel and offers not only many outdoor activities but all the amenities that a large, modern city in the United States would offer.


How Much Does it Cost to Retire in Oregon?

Costs are always a factor to consider when choosing where to retiree. As was noted above, Oregon is a good place to live for a frugal retiree. Its low taxes and low cost of living enable a retiree with a limited income to live comfortably. The average person in Oregon spends about $34,000 a year on utilities, groceries, food out, entertainment, travel, insurance and medical expenses. The rent for a one bedroom apartment averages between $400 and $750 a month, depending on where one chooses to live. Buying a house is quite pricey but the median asking price for a home has been falling in recent months. A person who wants to retire in this state and buy a house can expect to pay around $250,000.

Oregon is a great retirement destination, especially for an active retiree who enjoys outdoor activities. A retiree can enjoy skiing, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, golfing, bird watching and more. Oregon also has high quality medical care and a relatively low cost of living. This state may have cold winters but the summers are pleasant and one can partake of each of the four seasons in all their beauty. A retiree who wants to enjoy breathtaking scenery, live life to the full and save money for later in the future should retire in Oregon.


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