The Best Places in the World to Retire

Finding the best places in the world to retire can be a bit tricky. People are living longer these days and at some point will have to face the prospect of retirement.

However, with the economy on such shaky ground, retirees may be asking where the finest places in the world to retire are. Fortunately, some of the best places to retire are also some of the most inexpensive. You can find many of these places right in the United States, but you can also find a few of the top places in the world to retire in other countries.

For example, retirees can live in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador for around $17,000 a year. Furthermore, the great weather conditions attract many as well as the affordable health care and housekeeping services.

Retirees can live on a budget of less than $1500 a month in this city and even more cheaply in other cities in Ecuador. Belize also has a low cost of living at about $1000 a month. You can also consider Panama since it has a reasonable cost of living.

Costa Rica is also known for its low cost of living for retirees and is within the bracket of the best places for retirement in the world. In fact, if you are a person of some means, you may be able to get a three-bedroom house in the Central Valley area for $3000 a month. You also do not pay income taxes if you draw your income from investments, pensions or social security in the U.S.

Honduras is another Central American country that has a relatively low cost of living even if you grant yourself a few luxuries such as a live-in housekeeper and air conditioning. However, Mexico is probably one of the most popular destinations for U.S. retirees with one-bedroom apartments sometimes less than $200 a month.


Retirement Options at European Countries

There are a few European countries that offer great retirement options such as France and Italy. You may live in an apartment near Paris for less than $700 a month and pay less than $150 a month for food expenses. Living in one of the small rural towns outside of Paris and Marseilles will cost less than living in the city. You can rent a furnished two-bedroom house in Italy for less than $1700 a month although this country has one of the highest costs of living in the European Union.

Outside of Europe and Central America, New Zealand may not be as inexpensive as Ecuador, but it is still quite reasonable and is most likely one of the best places in the world to retire .


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