Three of the Best Places to Retire in the World

In search for best places to retire in the world, retirement is something everyone works hard to appreciate. When you are finished working and left to enjoy your later years of life, the decision of where you want to settle must be made. While you may have had the chance to see various cities in the nation, your dream to live abroad may be something you can finally fulfill.

Some of the top places to retire in the world are located overseas, away from the hustle and bustle of Northern America. If you desire adventurous locations full of cultural diversity and beauty, consider the brilliance of these exotic retirement destinations.

Argentina is a beautiful country with magnificent scenery and sophistication. For retirees looking to immerse themselves in culture and an energetic lifestyle, Argentina just may be your answer. With options of big city living or countryside living, every retiree with any preference will be satisfied. As a country known for its love of dance and elegance, individuals will appreciate and embody the exuberant passions that is Argentina.

For retirees looking for a destination with year-round summer time weather, look no further than Costa Rica. This very small country is the land of natural wonders located east of the Caribbean sea with a number of wildlife parks and natural reserves housing thousands of different exotic animals.

With adventurous land and water activities, and great public transportation, this has become a target destination for many Americans looking to start afresh during their freedom years. With a stable government and affordable quality health care, the options are limitless in Costa Rica.


If lush landscapes, mountainous terrain, and the friendliest people on Earth are what you desire, consider retiring to New Zealand. A casual ambiance is the norm in New Zealand, so those looking to sit back and relax in comfortable t-shirt and jeans will be welcomed to the community.

The laid back style is something many are looking for as they are ready to slow down and enjoy life every minute of the day. With several entertainment options including cabarets, pubs and live performance venues, you can keep yourself busy without the stress.

These are three of the best places to retire in the world. Each has their own unique diversity. Whether you are looking for elegance, adventure, or comfort and relaxation, there is a destination overseas that will satisfy your needs. During retirement, it is all about you. Find the a place to retire to that will make you the happiest.


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