Best Retirement Communities Abroad

Best retirement communities after a lifetime of work should be considered whenever someone plans their retirement location.   Retirement should be a time of relaxing and enjoying the best things in life.

Describing what “the best” is may vary with each couple looking for an overseas place to retire, and finding it may be easier than it appears. With each place comes particular concerns, but making a list of things to do is a good idea.

If the seaside is the place where dreams come true, consider Mexico or Costa Rica. Houses along the sea coast will range from $150K to $200K for a two bedroom. Not bad considering the costs in the US. Retirement communities will have some safety features, such as a wall surrounding the community, beefed up police patrols or other considerations.

Health care is affordable in other countries, but the availability of current testings and treatments is in question specially on cheapest suburbs. Check the local hospital for availability of certain required tests or consider the cost of making a trip back to the US for these kinds of tests.



Check out the tax requirements of the country being considered. Setting up an income from assets may be wise in order to avoid double taxation and undue expenses. Contact a tax lawyer for the details and do your own research in the area to try to understand the situation.

A third world country is cheap because the people will work for less. They do not have the education or infrastructure of well developed countries. These are the reasons the cost is much lower, but anyone living in these countries must become accustomed to seeing poverty.

Austria, Thailand and Italy are the top three picks in a recent Forbes magazine article. Central and South America are close to the US and have thriving communities. The best thing to do is research the place of your dreams, visit the country and rent for a while before making the big commitment.


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