Why Many Consider AZ Retirement

Many people consider AZ retirement options when the time comes.   The warm climate most of the year attracts many and it is one of the states with planned retirement communities that take care of many senior citizen’s needs.   There are many ways one can prepare for a retirement in Arizona.   Whether one is a longtime resident of the state or is just looking for a warmer climate, he or she will find that there can be many benefits to settling down in Arizona.


Planning for Retirement in Arizona

Arizona has nearly 300 planned retirement communities. Each one has its own rules and regulations such as age restrictions and possibly monthly fees for certain services.   Many retirement communities are full service communities with an active lifestyle, Alzheimer’s care, assistant living, congregate living, continuing care, independent living, nursing care and rehabilitation are.

Others include features such as golf communities.   Of course the costs will depend heavily on the services available. Still, the cost of retirement in Arizona can be pricey for those who plan to live modestly.   For instance, Ironwood Village is considered among the best in gated retirement communities. However, may require taking out a loan in order to buy a home in the area.   In fact, the median cost for housing in the state starts from $145,700, which is still below the national average.   Still, the tax friendly state with social security exempt from state tax does have an overall low cost of living.


Good AZ Retirement Communities

There are a few cities within the state that are better known for their   retirement communities than others. The communities located in Prescott have made the city one of the most desirable in the state with the colleges and other activities available in the city.   Green Valley is located close to the Mexican border and is great for those who want to enjoy diverse communities.

Those who want to find an active artistic retirement community should look to Sedona, which has great opportunities for hiking and many other outdoor sports.

Unless the retiree is a former public service employee for the state, there are generally no special restrictions on retirement conditions. Other potentially deterrent factors to retiring in Arizona are the stifling summers and the dust.   Those who enjoy water activities also have very few options in the state.   Otherwise, Arizona continues to be one of the most desirable retirement states in the country.


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