Cheap Retirement Can Be Great Fun

On cheap retirement, people does not actually look into a retirement that is cheap.  Most want to have bankrolls of cash that will finance travel, recreational toys, and the dream home, but in many cases, reality is that stretching a dollar to make ends meet occupies the minds of retirees regardless of age.

Saving for retirement has taken decades of hard work, and stretching every dollar for a great retirement makes the funds last for decades.

Freedom to live a modest lifestyle is possible by having like-minded friends, seeking free entertainment sources, and never paying retail prices. Friends, who have millions of dollars to spend, are nice to see periodically, but if you try to keep up with them, your funds will disappear more quickly than your retirement years.


With limited funds you can

People, who have limited funds, can have great friends, who also like to eat most meals at home, and will gladly accept an invitation to dinner or even a potluck supper.

Sharing meals and great conversation during any season of the year grows friendships and enhances the joys of life, this is inexpensive retirement but rather enjoyable and unnoticeable.

After dinner, pull out a deck of cards or an old-fashioned board game to lighten the conversation and interject some healthy competition.

With great friends, finding ways to save even more money becomes a great team project. Some resistance from “the Jones” may be met, but you will be enjoying your frugality so much, you probably will not notice.



Creativity for an Inexpensive Retirement Living

Creativity is born out of necessity when money is not available to solve a problem or meet a need during cheap retirement living. And here are just some ways on how to achieve this:

1. Existing DVD collections can be supplemented by borrowing DVDs from the local library’s collection.

2. Visit the library to borrow for books and audio books to keep the mind sharp and learn new hobbies and pastimes.

3. Share books with friends who also love to read and will share theirs in return.

4. Trade books with a used bookstore and renew your personal collection.

5. Spend time outside during every season under the sun with your grandchildren.

6. Cook outside and visit your local parks to get some fresh air.

7. Exercise multiple times every week.  Daily exercise will keep your bones healthy and your joints loose. Walk on a treadmill or go to the mall and walk the halls while you wear a pedometer.

Active seniors draw people to themselves and will never be lonely no matter what the future holds.

On frugal retirement, every purchase must save money and can be completed creatively in the most obscure places to ensure that every dollar has the buying power of at least two.


Other means of cheap retirement

Thrift stores are great, but so are clearance stores that have most of last year’s favorites at greatly reduced prices. Find a salvage grocery store that is near to your home, and take a friend to find the greatest bargains you can imagine on food and household goods.

Use coupons from every imaginable source for any purchase including gifts. Join every possible membership club and remember to use the discounts offered. Buying club warehouse quantities can be split between multiple families to save hundreds of dollars every year.

When you do travel, visit the National Parks and use the senior golden passport and Eagle Pass, for which you paid a one-time fee that covers every entrance fee to parks and wildlife areas across the nation. Learn to travel at the last minute and snag deals that were once only scams. There are great ways to stretch your travel dollars and take your friends along, too.


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