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Frugal living in retirement blog advice abounds around cyberspace. Regardless of your retirement portfolio’s relative size, frugal retirement living is amazingly simple. Financial resources are somewhat diminished, but so are daily living costs. Following are helpful hints to find your own happy financial medium.


Pre-Retirement Planning

Visit for an official inflation-adjusted estimate of your personal Social Security retirement benefits. Many finance-oriented websites have similar calculators for pensions, 401(k) s, and IRAs. Eliminate as much debt as possible pre-retirement. Every debt entails corresponding interest expense.


Post-Retirement Frugal Living

1. Scrutinize and analyze costs


Write out a monthly budget of recurrent expenses. Do not forget to pro-rated annualized items such as taxes and insurance premiums. Trim “fatty” areas. Do you really need two cars? Would staying at home and enjoying a Pay-per-view over carryout pizza do just as well?


2. Prioritize to economize to maximize frugal living in retirement blog

Frugal Living in Retirement BlogDetermine what expenses are absolutely necessary. Conduct cost-benefit analysis. For instance, internet high-speed upgrade may seem like a luxury.

You will have greater need and time for online activities, however, hobbies, communications, comparison shopping, investment activities, and income generation are valuable virtual pursuits for cheap living in retirement blogs.


3. The process of elimination


Identify superfluous expenses and eliminate them one by one. If something has no income-generating potential, eliminate or substitute for it. This greatly enhances frugal living in retirement efforts.


4. Downsize


Do you really need that three-story gargantuan utility-guzzler? Now that the kiddies are grown, you do not need nearly as much space. Consider RV, sailboat, or fifth-wheel dwelling.


5. Die-hard bargain hunting


Peruse newspapers, magazines, and online sources for coupons and senior discounts. is one such source. Conduct search engine queries for similar sites specially oriented for frugal living in retirement blogs.


6. Be a gas miser


Instead of small gasoline purchases (p.r.n.), fill up one or two times each month. Prepaid gasoline or retail gift cards save an additional 3-5 percent. Arrange trips to accomplish multiple tasks in one run.


7. Do not forget Uncle Sam’s role about frugal living on retirement blogs


There are various government assistance is available. Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (“LIHEAP”); Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (“SNAP”); and Section 8 housing subsidies are just a few.


8. Diligent budgetary adherence


Make a concrete and carefully-laid plans. Print charts and graphs that display realistic expectations for the longevity of your particular retirement fund. Routinely monitor your progress. Staying on track will insure that your golden years are not filled with toil and tears.


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