Where to Retire Cheap


Where to retire cheap, well if your time to retire is within sight, chances are, you have begun to think about how you want to live once your last day at the office has passed.

For most people, that question is largely dictated by the amount you have saved up for the big day and the kind of lifestyle you want when you are the sole planner of all your time.


Retirement Living within the Budget

For others, it can be daunting.   But if your retirement plans biggest concern, the one that makes the thought of retirement frightening, is expenses, its one you can wave goodbye to.   With a bit of clever searching and planning, you can retire overseas cheap on almost any budget and live in comfort and peace.

The question does not have to be, “Can I make it for the rest of my life on my Social Security check and savings?” but can be, “Where do I want to enjoy all that life has to offer and still have money left over?” There are numerous and cheapest places to retire, even in the United States, where retirement can be inexpensive and fun.

By the time you are ready to retire it is likely that you will be looking for a warm weather climate.   With that in mind, two locations and one method come to bear.


Ways and Places of Retirement

The first location is a favorite of all the snowbirds.   Avondale, Arizona is warm, with a small population under fifty thousand.   Some real estate is very pricy and there is also a large selection of housing for fewer than sixty thousand dollars. The crime rates are low and the climate is warm all year round.   In general, Arizona is a favorite for retirees when it comes to retiring in the US.

A popular way to retire is to buy an RV and pay lot fees to have your trailer hooked to fresh water. If that is your chosen approach you can enjoy any part of Arizona inexpensively, for around five hundred dollars a month. Currently, the next best location on where to retire cheap is Las Vegas.   Once, one of the most expensive locations for real estate, Las Vegas suffered a housing crisis and foreclosures cast the market down.


Though housing is on the rise it is still a cheap, warm place to call home in retirement.   The city itself, known for gambling and flashy casinos is not representative of the city as a whole.   Sprawling suburbs are home to all the daily necessities and many affordable areas are practically crime free.

If buying a house just is not your idea of retirement–you want a more transient experience, or the ability to enjoy warm weather year round but still call home, home, buying an RV and exploring the country is an excellent way to enjoy retirement.   Lot prices around the country to park your RV are cheap and the scenery can change from day to day. From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the Everglades, RV retirement is ultimately as expensive as the gas you use to travel and gives you the ability to enjoy retirement with a camera around your neck.


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