Retire In Mexico Cheap: Live Like The Locals Do

People can retire in Mexico cheap by learning how to live like locals. Every Retiree who has been thinking about moving to Mexico to enjoy life cheaply should reshape his or her thinking about what it means to live low budget. Regardless of what information a person has read concerning retirement costs in Mexico, the truth is: it is not easy to retire cheap in Mexico.

Retirees with stars in their eyes might come to Mexico expecting that they can do everything in the same way as they had done it in the United States with the added benefit of a maid and a butler. Of course, this is not a reasonable expectation, but many people have allowed themselves to believe the retirement lie in one-way or another.

In Loreto, a city in the Baja California state of Mexico, many retirees can find cheap retirement close to the U.S. border. In a city that attracts a fair amount of retirees, frugal retirees are able to enjoy many of the luxuries of retirement on reduced budgets.

Adapting their lifestyles

If the retiree avoids common financial mistakes of doing his or her laundry constantly, buying expensive American drinks, over consuming water and is willing to do basic house cleaning and maintenance projects, he or she can get by on a modest budget.

By adapting their lifestyle, retirees can retire in Mexico cheap and live many years on nearly no income.

A retiree who has adjusted to living like the locals in Loreto can find a home with a monthly rental payment of four hundred dollars or lower.

Retirees can get a good idea of the cost for monthly rental prices when they retire in Mexico cheap by considering their current American standard of living. Whatever their monthly rent charge was in the U.S. a comparable space in Mexico will be about half the price.

Food and beverage costs can be significantly cheaper in Mexico. The goal is to shop as the Mexican’s shop. An American retiree’s mistake is buying familiar name-brand products. These products cost as much if not more in Mexico as in the States. Retirees need to buy local produce and learn how to be sparing with meat, which is expensive.

Cooking with spice and variety in the tradition of locals may lead to delicious dishes on a budget that could not buy a U.S. retiree beans. Since eating is among the best forms of entertainment in retirement, it should be an area where they cuts the smallest amount out of the budget–reducing overall food costs by only a twenty-five percent. Instead of buying expensive food, retirees can buy in bulk and entertain guests to build friendships in the community.

Loreto is far enough south that people should have no need for heat at any time during the year. Lighting and other utilities will likely cost no more than twenty to thirty dollars a month. A load of laundry however, will cost two or three times more than it had in the States, so learning to wear clothing well can save money in this area.

The biggest change retirees need to make concerns phone, internet and television use.

Cable in Mexico is tremendously expensive. A wired home is even more expensive.

International phone calls are outrageously expensive.

A monthly trip to an internet café should be taken to relay e-mails to important people and stay in touch with family. Usually the internet café’s charge between three and six dollars an hour four connection. If retirees are able to stay away from costly electronics services and follow the living rules like the locals, they can retire in Mexico cheap.


If retirees can console themselves to the idea of living cheaply, then Mexico may be a good place to go. People who are willing to make an effort to live with low expenses will find that many of Mexico’s daily cost of living items are significantly cheaper than their counterparts in the United States.

Where retiree’s often get into difficult situations is when they believe that their standard of living can go up from where it was in the States and still live more at a low cost when they retire in Mexico cheap. Retirees may be able to find a home of similar or slightly greater value for far less, but if they are trying to retire in Mexico cheap, than it matters for them to cut costs.


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