Central America Offers Some of the Cheapest Retirement Places

Where are the cheapest retirement places to in Central America? Has that thought crossed your mind as you are reaching the age of retirement? You have spent long years working hard and are finally ready to enjoy what life is really about. Maybe you have always wanted to live outside the United States, and here is your golden chance.

Instead of spending your golden years traveling or in the same spot you have always lived why not experience life in Central America. Below one will find five amazing choices that will get the most of your retirement savings and provide you with an exceptional quality of life.

Guadalajara, Mexico

This beautiful city is the second largest city in Mexico and is about 250 miles north of the capital. With over 5 million people living in this quaint and colorful city one will find many things to do and explore. A rich colonial history, restaurant galore and shopping districts one will be able to really enjoy life the Mexican way. Enjoy the stunning scenery of Lake Chapala as you enter the golden years of your life.

Choosing to retire in Mexico will allow one to enjoy an active and comfortable life at much lower costs than one would find in the United States. The real estate market is booming here and one can expect to get a lot for their money. Mexico is one of the cheapest retirement places.

Panama City, Panama

For the past 3 years, Panama as a whole has been voted the World’s top place to retire. One will get much for their dollar in Panama City as the average cost of living is only $600.00 a month. A retiree will be able to stretch the dollar in every way possible and enjoy the beautiful and warm climates.

As a resident of this country, one will also receive amazing discounts on pretty much everything including all health care. It is also a buyers’ market, so one can expect to get an amazing deal on the home of their dreams. Add this to your list of cheapest retirement places.

Central valley of Costa Rica

The beautiful an exotic Costa Rica has much to offer anyone especially retires. The central valley of Costa Rica seems to be the hot spot for people to retire in. One will experience amazing and beautiful climate and be able to live their life they’ve always dreamed while being on the cheapest retirement places during their retirement.

While Costa Rica is a bit more expensive than other Central American countries one can live a very luxuries lifestyle on a fraction of what it cost to do so in the United States. Generally speaking one can live on a monthly budget of 1,000 with ease in the central valley of Costa Rica. A great added bonus to choosing to retire in Costa Rica is that there are no taxes on income and real estate profits.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

If you want to experience a real exotic and relaxing life then San Pedro Sula is the place for you. Beautiful landscapes and beaches makes this a true place to retire in style.

One can purchase a home for as low as 30,000 and enjoy the comforts that only Honduras can provide. The cost of living is much cheaper than the United States at about 15 percent lower than the national average. Beautiful weather plus ways to save money makes this one of the cheapest retirement places.

Corozal, Belize

Another one of the cheapest retirement places can be found in the tropical Corozal in Belize. This amazing tropical paradise is more affordable then one can imagine. A couple can live more than comfortable on a salary of just 18,000 a year. One can expect to purchase a home for just 75,000 a year. The warm climate and plethora of activities makes this a favorite for people looking to retire outside the United States.


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