Top 10 Cheap Places to Retire to in the World

There are several cheap places to retire to in the United States as well as around the world. The prevailing conditions of a global economic slowdown have forced many retirees or others who are nearing retirement to consider such options where living costs are more affordable, and yet the place offers a good setting for a comfortable retirement.


Top 5 Cheap Places to Retire in the U.S.

While it may be true that there are considerably cheaper places for retirement abroad, but for people who prefer to retire within the United States, there are still some cheap options available, and here are the cheap places to retire to in the USA.


Gainesville in Florida is one of the ideal places for affordable retirement in the United States.

The place is renowned for its landmark University of Florida, but it has something else that makes it a special place and gives it uniqueness compared to most other cities in Florida.

Unlike the rest of the state, Gainesville provides its resident with a Southerner’s feel. Majestic pine trees and not the typical palms that the state is known for surround the place. Houses are more like grand mansions rather than high rise concrete structures. Construction is not excessive and the natural environment of the area is very much preserved here.


Among the cheap places to retire to in the U.S., Noblesville ranks among the best. The cost of living is fairly affordable here, even though the population of the area has been growing rapidly in recent years. Noblesville is situated is about one hour away from Indianapolis. The place has not experienced excessive construction activity or abnormal escalation and subsequent decline in real estate prices.

Moon Township

Moon Township is one among the several tiny industrial towns situated at the outskirts of Pittsburgh. People living here are very proud of their town that has remained loyal to their small town values. Living is highly affordable here, and the earning opportunities abound with many prominent employers having their operations in this area. The town is also home to the famous Robert Morris University.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is set in the midst of the scenic farms of the Skagit County in Washington. Living costs here are much lower than those in major cities such as Seattle are. The area experiences lesser rainfall than the average in the state. One of the landmarks in Mount Vernon is the leading University of Western Washington.


Rogers in Arkansas is a great place for those looking for low cost retirement options. The highlight of the area is the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

The landmark city of Bentonville, which is the birthplace and the headquarters of Wal-Mart is situated nearby, which also provides essential support to the local economy.



Top 5 Cheap Places to Retire to Outside the U.S.

If you are willing to explore retirement opportunities outside the United States, your possibilities for affordable retirement increase manifold.


The key advantage is its close proximity to the United States and affordable travel back home. There is a large expatriate population from the U.S. already, which makes it easier to live here. Cost of living is substantially lower than the average U.S. cities, even though you have to beware of corruption and petty crime.


Ecuador finds it name in almost every list of cheap places to retire to in the world.

The place offers plenty of natural beauty, great climate and above all, a low cost of living.

Located in South America, it is not too far from the United States.



A great retirement haven for American citizens, Panama has a number of U.S. expats already. For retirees the country offers special rebates on everything and low taxes. Some of the medical facilities here are affiliated with U.S. hospitals. The currency is pegged to the U.S. dollar and cost of living is much lower than the major U.S. cities.


One of the exotic retirement destinations is this tiny Islamic nation in North Africa.

It is a world famous tourism destination because of its warm climate all the year round and scenic locales.

There is low taxation for expats and quite cheap cost of living for the average American retiree.


Among the cheap places to retire to, consider Thailand, which is known as the jewel of Asia. The country offers spectacular scenery, moderate climate and wonderfully low cost of living. The place is located far from the U.S., but offers excellent retirement opportunity.


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