The 3 Best Places to Retire Cheap in the U.S.

The best places to retire cheap in the United States are almost always those in warmer climates. Snow birds have been making their way south since the 1930s to avoid the snow and bitterly cold weather of northern states.


San Antonio is a Texas town that can two-step with the best of them. It offers low cost retirement living, warm weather and exciting activities for anyone looking for the best places to retire cheap. In fact, it is the most visited town in Texas according to their tourism board, which is quite an honor considering how huge the state is.

Tourist attractions like SeaWorld and Six Flags are big draws for the grandchildren as much as the ever popular River Walk is for adults. This enchanting feature of San Antonio romances visitors with its hidden gardens and waterfalls that are mingled with little shops and quaint restaurants for a distinctively European flavor in Texas. San Antonio has held up better than most cities but real estate continues to be inexpensive throughout Texas.

Phoenix has always been one of the best places to retire cheap. The exception is that now it is even more affordable. Hit hard by the economy, the housing market in Phoenix is in a slump. In fact, many of the suburbs in the East Valley have houses available for purchase for as low as $35-$40 per square foot. Many of these homes were built within the last decade of growth. Downtown Phoenix offers much culture for a town that claims to be part cowboy.

The Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Taliesin West are all hot spots for the culture crowd while white water rafting down the Colorado River, hiking the Grand Canyon and mud bogging in the desert all appeal to the more adventurous souls. As can be expected, it is hot in the summer, very hot. Temperatures can soar over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Residents soon get used to the desert heat though and enjoy time outdoors after the sun goes down.



Nashville tops the list of best places to retire cheap in the southeast. First and foremost, the reason why many people consider this a great location is that there is no state income tax in Tennessee. Yes, you read that correctly! They do charge a small tax on interest income but nothing like your pay check has become accustomed to in the past. Having no taxes is one way to stretch a buck but living in the Nashville area is inexpensive in many other ways, too.

Nashville calls itself Music City and rightfully so as it is the home to country music. In fact, many retirees relocate to Nashville just to be able to hit the little clubs and bars for the live music every night.

Of course, Nashville has museums, historical sites and fine dining in addition to all that good music. Not to mention, Nashville is in close proximity to the Smoky Mountains which offer world class hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Any retiree inquiring about the best places to retire cheap should take a few well-earned vacations before they retire to explore on their own. Fact finding missions, researching and planning will help with the decision of which of the many best places to retire cheap is the best one for that particular individual.


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