The Buying an RV Checklist

One needs a buying an RV checklist before setting out to make such a large investment.   Many people may enjoy the freedom of having an RV in their retirement because of the convenience of having a living space while traveling anywhere in the country.

However, it is important to be sure to make sure both the exterior and interior of the vehicle are up to par before buying.


What to Look for on the Exterior

The first thing one notices about an RV is the appearance. In addition to checking for dents, dings, faded paint, scratches of stains, one should also look out for rust and loose screws that will not tighten because of dry rot.   Other items on the purchasing an RV checklist include checking for locks on the exterior compartments and making sure these compartments are in good condition.

The checklist also should include an examination of the awning to be sure it easily opens and closes.   The fabric or vinyl roll should be straight with no wrinkles and in good condition along with the support arms.   The roof should have not punctures or cracks in the seams.   The RV checklist should include looking for loose screws on the metal trim as well.


What to Look for on the Interior

Included in your checklist before buying an RV also needs to thoroughly go over the RV’s interior.   For instance, the bathroom should not only be big enough but also in good working order since it is essential for sanitation.   The shower floor should be firm and have no cracks.   It is also important to have a working exhaust fan and medicine cabinet.   The overhead vent and stove fans should also be in good condition.

Usually RV travel involves interstate travel, so it is important that one include factors such as the vehicle’s gas mileage on the buying an RV checklist.   Since most RVs only get about five to ten miles per gallon, it is important to find ways to cut down total gas mileage and fuel use.   Regular maintenance of the RV can help take care of these kinds of needs. A rough cost of a 2008 RV or a travel trailer would range between $30,000 to $40,000 depending of course on its condition.


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