Know More About Cruising Retirement

Cruising RetirementCruising retirement can be interesting, challenging, relaxing and fun. It is a great way to see the world and meet new friends. There are many cruises to choose from and most cruise liners offer discounted rates to those who are 55 years of age or older.

Following is some detailed information on cruises that every retiree should be aware of.


Which Cruise Liners are Best for Retirees?

It is hard to say which cruise liner is the best for retirees, as a lot depends on where one wants to go and what he or she enjoys doing. Retirees who are physically disabled will find that Holland America’s Zuiderdam, Westerdam, Noordam and Oosterdam are some of the best cruise ships around. These ships cater to senior citizens and so, unlike many other cruise lines, attract an older crowd. Accessories are provided for the mobility and visually impaired and the ships provide many forms of entertainment that senior citizens are sure to enjoy.

Those who are cruising while on retirement may also be interested in the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas cruises. These particular boats are some of the largest cruise ships on the ocean. They not only provide a wide range of benefits and amenities but also get very high marks for providing a high level of care for disabled passengers.


Cruising while on Retirement, How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a cruise depends on where one intends to go, which liner he or she travels with, what time of year he or she goes on a cruise and for how long. Discount cruise lines such as Holland America’s The Norwegian Pearl offer five day coastal cruises for as little as $900. A seven day Alaska cruise can be booked for only $700 while a weekend cruise could be as little as $300 if one knows where to look. One good way to get discounts is to become a member of the AARP and book a cruise nine months or more in advance. This entitles on to a five percent discount, in addition to senior citizen discounts offered by most cruise lines.


Cruising Retirement Benefits

Cruising while on retirement enables one to see the world in a relaxing and relatively affordable way. One will also get to meet people and make new friends, enjoy specialized activities and classes and eat great food without having to worry about cooking and cleaning up. Cruise liners also have numerous shops and fitness activities such as a gym, spa and swimming pool.

A retiree who enjoys traveling but has a limited budget should consider cruising retirement. It is more relaxing than airplane travel and enables one to meet new friends, learn new skills, see places and enjoy luxurious pampering and maid service.

Cruise prices vary but there are many good internet based travel agencies that can help one to get tickets for top notch cruises at a good price. One simply needs to decide what type of retirement cruising he or she wants to do, book it and then sit back and enjoy the ride.


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