Managing a Where to Retire Checklist

Having a where to retire checklist is a great way to plan for retirement. This should be part of the self-assessment you perform to determine what will be most important to you during the golden years. Items for the checklist might include climate, cost of living, culture and entertainment, proximity to family and friends, availability of public transportation, and ability to partake in recreational activities such as golf and tennis.

Some people prefer to retire in a small city, where there are great restaurants to try and theaters to attend. Others prefer a more rural setting, where they can garden or enjoy nature. Make a checklist that includes all of the things you want to enjoy, and then prioritize the items on the list. Where to retire checklist should include notes about what is an absolute requirement, and what might be negotiable for other things.

Geographical Options for the Checklist

There are many publications and sources that routinely list the best places to retire. Their where to retire checklist criteria includes mostly financial considerations. They look for places where a dollar goes a long way, and housing, transportation and entertainment are affordable. The top areas that show up on these lists most often are cities and towns in Florida, North and South Carolina, California, and Arizona. Consider some of these areas on your where to retire checklist.

Florida offers warm weather, beautiful beaches and wonderful opportunities for golf, boating and recreation. Sarasota often matches the needs on any where to retire checklist, where home prices are reasonable, and other cities in the Tampa Bay area are within reach. Ft. Myers is also on most lists, as it has great beaches, year-round sunshine and many affordable communities where retirees can buy or rent property. Three-bedroom homes can be purchased in Florida for under $200,000.

The Carolinas are growing in popularity and both North and South Carolina are becoming more and more appealing to people planning their retirements. Areas such as Asheville, North Carolina and Beaufort, South Carolina offer culture and history, as well as warm weather with a hint of seasonal beauty in the spring and autumn. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a good place for golfers to retire, especially if they like the beach.

Are you Going west? Arizona and California are two states, which are considered very desirable for retirees. If the west coast is compatible with your where to retire list, consider San Diego, where the climate is unbeatable, the beaches and the golfing are world-renowned, and there is always something going on. Pricing houses get higher the closer to get to the water, so if you want the warm, dry climate of the west but do not need the ocean, think about the suburbs around Phoenix. Prescott and Green Valley in Arizona are appreciated for their sunshine, low costs of living, and recreational activities.

Whatever items are on your where to retire checklist, make sure you prioritize them and decide what is most important. Then, have fun visiting the finalists before you settle on a retirement place. Get a feel of the people and the community. Make sure you will be comfortable spending the rest of your life there.

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