Should I Retire on a Cruise Ship?

Retire on a cruise ship? This is a question that many people reaching retirement age have probably never asked themselves, but is most certainly one that they should.

For the average person fast approaching their golden years, the prospect of retiring is both invigorating and a little bit scary.

While most people may have an attachment to and an affinity for the place, that they currently reside in and found their life’s work in, many would like to explore their options and for almost everyone coming to the age of retirement means a great shift in life. This is not just in lifestyle but in where one calls home as well.

For some, retirement signals the chance to return to the place where you are from or to go to that warmer and nicer area that your kids have found their way to. For others, it represents a chance to move to that ideal and picturesque retirement town, perhaps in America’s “sunbelt” or in a lively college town with lots of cultural and intellectual pursuits to keep you young and busy. For still others it may represent an undesired relocation to a retirement home.

For one group of people in particular however, retirement means something entirely different; freedom and a chance to see the world and it is these individuals who have probably already made moves to retire on-board a cruise ship. Given the fact that the average retirement home costs around $200 a day these days, as expensive as it might seem, to retire on a cruise ship is actually both a reasonable and financially feasible option.

Take for example, the cost and benefits of riding on a Princess cruise. With the long-term discount and senior discount price, it only comes to $135 a day- $65 less than the average retirement home cost. Furthermore, you also have the following amenities at your disposal:


Advantages of retiring on a cruise ship

– As many as 10 meals a day of excellent (not institutional) food that can even be brought up as breakfast in bed if you like.

– 3 swimming pools

– A free washer and dryer, soap, shampoo, razors, and toothpaste

– Shows every night

– Treatment as a valued, paying customer and not a patient

– The ability to see the world as you go.

There are however, a few downsides for those who want to retire on a cruise ship as well:


Disadvantages of retiring on a cruise ship

– No access to friends or family

– Hyper-expensive Internet costs if you do want to connect with them

– No one to monitor prescription drugs or pill intake

– Lack of familiarity as new guests are coming and going all the time (although this could be exciting as well)

Overall, however, for those who may want to or plan to retire on a cruise ship, it does indeed offer an interesting and non-traditional option. If you choose to retire on a cruise ship, you can spend your summers in Europe, your winters in South America, and your in-between times getting to all those other exciting places you have always wanted to visit.

Furthermore, there is nothing to say that you have to commit to it for the rest of your life. It might just be something that you do for a year or two. Whatever you envision your final destination to be, to retire on a cruise ship is an option that you should consider.

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