Cheap Retirement Locations Around The World

Cheap retirement locations doesn’t necessarily mean low cost or cheap destinations and sacrifices comfortable lifestyle. One very important decision that virtually all people have to make at some point in their lives is the choice of where to retire. Those who retire generally want to experience comfort, relaxation and enjoyment in a prime destination.

All retirees want to experience these pleasures in a location that is very affordable to them. Quite a few low cost retirement locations around the world offer a great lifestyle for retirees. The following are locations that retirees should consider, as they offer the opportunity to live an exceptional lifestyle at a very low cost.


Many Americans and western Europeans find that retirement in Argentina allows them to live a very good life on their retirement incomes alone. In Argentina, money will go far, which is why this is a cheap retirement locations for those limited to Social Security and other retirement incomes.

Argentina has a myriad of options for those who love entertainment, cultural events and beautiful beaches and parks. Argentina has beautiful climate throughout the year, and many residents take advantage of the great weather by engaging in these activities.

Those who prefer a quieter atmosphere have a multitude of options as well as there is an abundance of real estate in the countryside that is very affordable for those living on a retirement income.

Argentina is also ideal for anyone looking to supplement his or her income. Some retirees may want to work in order to have an activity during the day, or they may simply want to earn a little bit of money for entertainment.

Residents will find that it is quite easy to find jobs in the countryside due to the economy’s recent boom. Regardless of where you are located in Argentina, you will find that you will be very satisfied by both the beautiful scenery, beautiful weather, abundant entertainment, and low cost of living. a cheap retirement locations or destination to be considered.

Nova Scotia Canada

Nova Scotia is a very inexpensive yet beautiful location in North America located on the beautiful east coast of Canada. Many refer to this location as a “little paradise.” This great location has a very deep Scottish, English and Irish history.

It has a beautiful natural environment, friendly people, and offers a great opportunity for folks with a low income to live a fantastic lifestyle but a cheap retirement locations.

On average, a three-bedroom home on several acres of land can be purchased for under $60,000. Oceanfront and lakeside properties can be found for as low as $10,000. The government is very welcoming to foreigners as well, which makes it easy for those living in other countries to make a smooth transition.

Anyone who does not mind cold winters, has a historic mindset and is budget minded may find Nova Scotia to be the perfect retirement location.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful retirement location. Not only is the cost of living very low here, the weather is always in the mid to upper 70s. A two bedroom two bathroom home rents for around $300 per month, health care costs are less than $50 per month, and many Americans retire very comfortably here with retirement checks as low as $1200 per month. It is why you need a cheap retirement locations.

You will find residents from all over the world in Costa Rica; it is a very popular retirement spot. Currently, there are over 15,000 residents in Costa Rica that are living comfortably on Social Security income alone.


Thailand is another location that is both beautiful, full of entertainment and very inexpensive. Many residents live a very good life on just $1000 American dollars per month. In fact, residents in certain areas of Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, live quite well with a full income of just $550 per month. Thailand is a modern location, which makes it great for Westerners who seek excitement and entertainment.

In Thailand, you will experience sunny hot days, exciting tropical environments and low cost entertainment. Because of the extremely low cost of living here, Thailand is a beautiful country that is worth considering for retirement and something to think about when looking for a cheap retirement locations.


Malaysia has become a very popular retirement destination in recent years. It is a very popular tropical destination that is full of extremely friendly people, gorgeous beaches, historic towns, beautiful rain-forests, hunting, horse racing, live exhibitions and great food.

Great living is available here for those with an income of $2000 per month. Malaysia is very tax friendly to foreigners as well. Foreigners who have relocated to Malaysia do not have to pay tax on their income. Rent and real estate can be found at very low costs in the most beautiful locations. This is the real cheap retirement locations to be noted on your planner.

Americans and other foreigners are flocking to Malaysia for retirement and are living very well on their retirement income. Your dollars will stretch quite far here, which is why this is such an ideal location for those who desire to live a full life during retirement. Many enjoy the top quality health care that is available here as well. Malaysia is definitely a destination worth considering for retirement.


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