Tips for Living Aboard a Sailboat Safely

Living aboard a sailboat safely is not as hard as it may initially seem. A person who has just sold his or her house and moved into a boat will need to take some time to adjust and learn the safety tips.

Once a person knows what he or she is doing, it is possible to travel and enjoy life to the full on a very limited budget.

Following are some common sense safety tips that anyone living on a boat should be aware of.


Stay Clear of Dangerous Areas

Living Aboard a Sailboat SafelyStaying clear of dangerous areas may seem like an obvious piece of advice. However, one may be surprised by how many people put adventure before safety. The International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Service has a list of danger spots around the world that one will want to avoid. These can be found at

While many areas of Asia and Africa are on this list, one may also be surprised to find that the coasts of Brazil, Peru, Haiti and Venezuela are also quite dangerous. Living aboard a sailboat safely is more important than traveling the world. Stick to safe sailing areas at all times.


Stay Abreast of the Weather

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause severe damage to a boat, not to mention the fact that many people have died or gone missing while sailing in severe inclement weather. Staying abreast of weather predictions is imperative to living on a sailboat safely. If a hurricane or tropical storm is predicted, do not try to ride it out. Choose a marina with tall pilings and floating docks. Getting ashore well before a hurricane or tropical storm hits is a must.


Keep up with the Boat Maintenance

No matter what type of boat a person buys, it is sure to need regular maintenance, especially if it is being used year round. Living aboard a sailboat safely is not possible unless one is willing to spend a considerable amount of money to keep the boat in good condition. The first step is to make sure that the boat is in good condition when it is purchased, especially if it is bought secondhand.

If the boat springs a leak, have it fixed immediately. Leaks not only pose a danger but also cause mold growth, which can be difficult to get rid of. The through hull valves should be easy to close at all times and protect the propeller and shaft using zinc anodes. It is also important to paint the bottom of the boat every couple of years using an anti-fouling paint. One can either do this job on his or her own or hire a professional to do the work.

Living safely aboard a sailboat will ensure that one will be able to enjoy life in a safe and inexpensive manner. Simple things such as paying attention to boat maintenance, staying clear of danger areas and avoiding dangerous storms are important aspects of living aboard a sailboat safely. Living on a boat can be not only affordable but also exciting, challenging and loads of fun, as long as one takes reasonable safety precautions.


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