A Guide on Eat at Home Save Money

Eat at home save money it is that simple.   Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, it is common knowledge that restaurants markup their food prices.   Of course, some restaurants are more high scale than others are, and their markups are much more extreme compared to low-end restaurants.   No matter whether the restaurant is pricey or relatively cheap, you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant that would be cheaper than buying your food from a grocery market and making it yourself.

Of course, there exists fast food joints, which should not even be called restaurants, rather, simply call them disgusting, with a slogan stating: Eat Here.   Die Young. Dining at fast food places are the only way eating at home and save money can be negated.

As mentioned before, eating at home is cheaper than going out to a restaurant because of the astronomical markups on food prices at these restaurants.

These markups are because, essentially, you are not just paying for the food, you are paying to sit at the table, for the waiter serving you, for the chef to prepare your meal, and for the bread that you think is free.



Compare the price of the Fish, Steak, Pasta and Salad you bought at the restaurant to the prices at your local grocery store. That is correct eating at home saves money.

The best way to eat at home save money is to put yourself on a regulated diet, based on the available nutritional food at your grocery store. This way you know exactly what you are eating, you consistently have an idea of the cost of the foods you are going to buy, and you can restrict yourself from buying excess foods you do not need.   When dining at a restaurant, people get caught up in the ambiance and social atmosphere, so they tend to overeat or buy expensive alcoholic beverages that will rack up your bill.   Manage a strict diet and stick to it, and you can be assured that you will save money.

Pros of eating at home, other than eat at home save money, are, for one, the health aspect. You get to make or cook your own food, so you know exactly what is going into your stomach.   You get to prepare your meal the way you want it, without adding rich ingredients like is done at restaurants that may have a negative impact on your health.   The Cons of eating at home include becoming bored with the same foods, or with daily cooking, and missing the simplicity of sitting down at a restaurant and having the food prepared for you.


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