What One Should Know About Living Cheaply and Well

Living cheaply and well means that one will be able to live comfortably and still save money. The first step is to make a monthly budget. One should write out a list of necessary expenses (i.e. utilities, mortgage, insurance) as well as list expenses that are not vital but are nonetheless important (i.e. shopping, entertainment, club membership, etc) One should calculate how much can be spent on a monthly basis and then stick to this budget.

Another important aspect of living well on a limited budget is knowing where to buy items at the best price. A person who knows where to go to buy stuff can save hundreds of dollars every year. Following are some practical tips on living cheaply and well.

Shopping Online

Internet retail websites offer better prices than most regular brick and mortar stores. If the internet retailer is connected to a large supermarket, then one can have the purchase shipped to the outlet nearest his or her home free of charge.

It is easy to compare prices online and one can purchase anything from clothing to medicine to jewelry.


Take Advantage of Coupons

A person who is interested in living cheap and well should take the time to find coupons. There are two for one coupons, percentage off coupons and more on the internet. For instance, the website www.getrestaurantcoupons.com offers tens of thousands of coupons every month; many of these coupons are for high end restaurants. Retailmenot.com offers coupons for hair stylists. Two other sites that are worth checking on a regular basis are coupons.com and couponmom.com.


Club Membership Discounts

Being part of a fitness club or golf club is important. A person who lives cheaply and well can afford to take out club membership in the club of his or her choice. One way to get a discount on membership is to sign up on a yearly basis. Most clubs offer reduced prices for those who sign up for a year instead of a month at a time. One should also see if there are loyalty discounts for regular members who have been part of the club for a certain length of time.


Reducing Insurance Costs

Insurance is important. The average person will need not only auto insurance but also health insurance and house insurance. A person living cheap and well will not cancel insurance policies but will find a way to bring insurance costs down. Combining policies can save one a lot of money. Installing a security system in the car and at home will also reduce insurance costs.

Living cheaply and well means living comfortably within one’s means. A person living cheaply and well will still be able to eat out occasionally, enjoy club membership and buy items that he or she wants to buy. However, he or she will also be able to save a considerable amount of money every year. Reducing expenses and finding the best price on everything, from clothing to insurance, is the key to living cheaply and well.


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