Create Your Own Guide to Living Cheap

Guide to living cheap will help people looking to live a simpler lifestyle with less money. We have been programmed by our society to believe that money equates happiness. In some respect, this is true. Money is associated with security and identity. However, there are some people who are strong enough to forgo these preconceived notions. Living cheap does come without some sacrifices. How many sacrifices you make is entirely up to you.


Living Cheaply by Going Without

Most people have to start out with small changes before they take steps that are more drastic. The first way to cut back on expenses is to make a list of things you want, things you like to have, and things you need. This list will be slightly different for everyone. The guide to living cheap is a general outline made personal by individual intentions and lifestyle.

For example, most people have cable television, but this is rarely necessary for life. Doing away with cable can save people hundreds of dollars every month. Other expenses like the Internet might be necessary for people who use it for work. Other changes may involve where you live. Some choose to live with others to reduce costs, while others may move out of the city where taxes and the cost of living can be high. You will be able to create your own guide to living cheap as you go along.


Your lifestyle will have much to do with what expenses you can live with or without. You must ask yourself what things are necessary, and what ones are a convenience.

People who live within walking or biking distance to work may want to consider giving up their car. This will save money on registration, insurance, gas, and maintenance. Some people will be more easily able to go without a car than others will.

Another way to live cheap is to refrain from buying things unless it is necessary. Most of us buy clothing on impulse, as a reward to ourselves, or because the style has changed. Instead, only choose to replace it if it is truly needed. Learn how to make repairs should a seam loosen or rip. The Chinese have a saying: “New for three years, old for three years, fix and mend for three years.” A major aspect of the guide to living cheap is to know when purchases are necessary, and when they are not.


Living Cheap by Being Resourceful

Your guide to living cheap also includes your own resourcefulness. Most of us go to the grocery store to buy food. Instead, try having a garden to grow your own food. This is a healthier way to live, and it will also save money. If you do not have the space, container gardens do just as well as traditional ones. If growing your own food is not possible, visit a farmer market or co-op. This will greatly reduce your food bill. Also, learn how to perform repairs and other tasks yourself. Learn how to change your own oil in the car, how to cook a wonderful meal, or how to fix small appliances.

The cost of living can be greatly reduced by implementing small changes. This includes cutting back on expenses, and learning how to do things yourself. There are some sacrifices that will have to be made, such as possibly giving up a car or Internet access. Some even choose to move to a different location. Your own guide to living cheap will vary depending on your own needs and lifestyle.


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