Creative Ideas for Cheap Retirement Gifts

The hunt for cheap retirement gifts can be a challenge because most people already have everything they want when they hit retirement age. This should not discourage you from thinking outside of the box though. If you know someone who is getting ready to retire, consider buying him or her one of the gifts below.


Travel Alarm Clock

Most retirees have a tendency to travel, and you can wish your friend a safe trip by getting him or her a traveling alarm clock. This should be something that is easy to pack away in a suitcase, and it should have an auto-adjust option to detect the time and time zone the person is in. That way he or she never has to set the time while traveling. There are plenty of these not so expensive retirement gifts to choose from, and most are less than $30.


Exotic Cookbook

Cookbooks also make great cheap retirement gifts because they are both useful and affordable at the same time.

If you know your friend will not be traveling much to a place he or she longs to go, you may get a cookbook that reflects that location so he or she always has access to a part of the culture.

You could also get a cookbook made for meals on the road so the person will be prepared when he or she does take a trip somewhere new.


Road Atlases

Keeping with the traveling theme, road atlases can be considered cheap retirement gifts. You could get a comprehensive one of the United States that the receiver could use during his or her time on the road.

That always comes in handy during a trip. This is a cheap alternative to buying someone a navigation system, although that is a good gift idea to consider.


Satellite Radio

Another one of the cheap retirement gifts you can look into is a subscription to satellite radio. This may require a monthly payment on your part, but you could pay that all up front to save yourself some money and hassle. The person you are buying the radio for may already have satellite radio in his or her car. Check that before you buy an actual radio unit to plug in. With this gift installed, your friend will have plenty to listen to while he or she is on the road.


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