Living in Small Spaces Can Simplify Your Life

Living in small spaces is becoming a way of life for many environmentally and fiscally conscious people. There is a growing movement of individuals who are voluntarily downsizing their living spaces in order to cut down on their carbon footprints and their expenses. While adopting this type of lifestyle does come with some sacrifices, those who have done so swear by the cathartic nature of doing more with less.


How Downsizing Your Living Space Can Be Good For the Environment

Whether you are living in an urban or a rural area, living in a home or apartment that occupies a large square footage can take a toll on the environment.

The energy that is required to heat, cool and light the large spaces in which many families and individuals live represents a large portion of the energy consumption in this country.

Those who make the commitment to living in small spaces often enjoy huge breaks in their utility bills, and enjoy the feeling that they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.

Of course, this reduction in consumption is not the only change that can be seen through living in small spaces. One of the key rules of this lifestyle is to cut back on all areas of waste. For many, this means making an effort to avoid accumulating a lot of things that they do not need, opting for products that require minimal packaging and repairing broken items instead of throwing them away.

While this kind of minimalist lifestyle can be refreshing, it often requires a lot of extra work and planning on the part of the homeowner. The small spaces in which you live may drive you to make these changes, as you will no longer have the space to store as much stuff as you once had.


The Skills That Living in Small Spaces Require

Though people who have made the commitment to downsize their living space come from all occupations and can live anywhere in the world, there are a few qualities that most of them have in common. With so little space available to you, it is important to ensure that each area of your home or apartment serves a purpose. By creating multipurpose rooms and spaces, those who are living in small spaces are able to maximize their use of all the square footage available to them.

Another common trait of those who are living in small spaces is a relatively Spartan lifestyle. This does not mean that their homes cannot be a reflection of their personalities and decorated as such, but it does mean that they will not be able to have all the modern conveniences to which most people are accustomed. Learning to do without a plethora of kitchen tools and entertainment options can take some time, but many find that it is ultimately extremely fulfilling.

Living in a small space is about much more than just the size of your home. In most cases, it is simply one part of a commitment to doing more with less and living a simple lifestyle without a lot of clutter. No matter where you live, this type of downsizing is possible for anyone who is committed to doing so.

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