Comfortable Ways to Keep Cool for Cheap

Wanting to keep cool for cheap is a notion that most people would like to exercise. With electric and gas bills skyrocketing in price, people are worrying about whether they can afford to pay their utility bill, especially during the coldest and hottest months of the year. Dealing with the cold can be easier than putting up with the heat because during cold spells you can bundle up with heavy clothes and blankets while in your home.

The summertime is a different story, as most people just try to deal with the heat, or hope to become inured to it, which can lead to a lack of sleep and general moodiness as you try to cope. Others just cave and turn on their air conditioner, and weep when they open their astronomical electric bill. Do not fret; as ways exist to combat the uncomfortable warm nights and even warmer days, allowing you to keep cool at a cheap cost.

Non-electrical methods to keep cool for cheap

Creating cross breezes is an excellent way to keep cool while living cheap. Many people will open windows closest to where they are lounging in their house, hoping that cooler air will come through for a refreshing feel.

Often times those people get frustrated and do not realize why the air is barely coming through the window.

Next time, if you have windows across the room, or even a door, open the windows or doors from both sides to create a path of air that will flow through your home, providing a cool breeze that will make your evenings more comfortable. However, this method may not be suitable for people who live in southern or tropic regions, where the summer evenings do not go below eighty to eighty-five degrees. Also, this option will most likely not work during the day, when the sun is at its hottest.

Electrical methods to keep cool inexpensively

Oscillating fans and/or window unit air conditioners would be a more effective option than cross breezes to keep cool at a low cost. Ceiling fans, box fans, and upright fans set up throughout your home will create a refreshing coolness that can work during the day and night.   Window units are especially effective, as it can make a single room as cold as you wish. However, a window unit is only good for a single room or for a small apartment, but not for a house. Please keep in mind that even though fans and window units will be cheaper than running your air conditioner, they are both plug-in options, and will increase your electric bill, but not at the extravagant rate as your air conditioner.

Here is hoping that these ideas will help you keep cool for cheap during your hotter climates.   All people can relate to not wanting to run their air conditioner more than they have to because no one wants to have a killer electric bill at the end of the month.   Try these options to keep cool, they may not feel like your air conditioner, but they will provide comfort and save you a ton of money during the summer.


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