Active Adult Communities for Retirees

Active adult communities are ideal for those who plan to spend their retirement years partaking in all the activities they have always wanted to do with like-minded individuals. These communities are age restrictive, usually to people age 55 and over. They are typically located in states with warmer climates such as Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina as well as other international locations. Activities within these communities will vary according to many factors including costs and geographic locations.


Recreational Activities in the Communities

Possibly the most important factor in determining the recreational activities available in most active adult communities are the geographic location.

For instance, the community at Dataw Island in South Carolina is renowned for its gated, private golf amenities, country club facilities and marina near the Atlantic Ocean.

The area also has many custom luxury homes as well as other homes available at prices in the low $50s. In fact, full membership to the Dataw Island Club is included when one buys a home in this waterfront community.

If one is looking for a more rustic scene, the White Oak Lodge & Resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee offers quaint log cabin homes that include all the luxuries of a modern home. This resort offers many amenities such as an exercise room, playground and tennis court along with its famous cascading stone grotto swimming pool. The resort is close to other areas that offer other recreational activities such as hiking, horseback riding, skiing and whitewater rafting as well as fine dining and shopping.


The Cost of Active Adult Communities

If one plans to live in one of these adult communities, one needs to be very well prepared financially. Not surprisingly, these types of communities can be very pricey compared to other retirement living options.

There are communities in states such as Arizona where one can find lots as low as $5000, but these lots may also cost as much as $250,000. Townhomes can cost up to $70,000 while other homes can range from $80,000 to more than one million.

Most planned adult communities have similar price tags with homes frequently costing in the $100,000s. However, this investment may be worth it to those who want easy access to fishing, fitness centers, nature trails, tennis courts and country clubs as well as a group of their peers in a similar lifestyle situation. It also makes it very important for retirees to decide exactly what it is they want in a planned community before making the decision to live in this environment.

Another factor to consider when looking into active adult communities is the access to hospitals and/or quality medical care. This is one of the touted features in communities such as the Indian River Colony Club in Viera, Florida as well as others. One should ask what type of an on-site medical services are available if this is a crucial feature for the community in which he or she wants to live before making permanent commitments.

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