Senior Communities as a Retirement Option

Senior communities are living areas specifically designed for people who are retired. Such communities offer amenities and services geared towards older adults. It is common for many of them to have things like tennis courts, golf courses, and fitness centers so people can keep active. There are usually other entertainment options in the form of nearby restaurants and stores. Oftentimes there are clubs where people can go to enjoy a variety of activities with others who share similar interests, like card games, gardening, woodworking, knitting, and others.


Finding These Communities and the Requirements for Living There

They can be found in any state in the US, and many of them exist in other countries as well. They are popular in England, New Zealand, and India.

Within the US, they are most commonly seen within the states of Arizona, Florida and Texas. This is due to the overall warm temperature that these states enjoy, and many retirees like having warm weather year round.

Most senior communities will have a minimum age you need to be. This is often 55, but in some the number may be 62 or even 65.

Generally communities require you to be in good health when you put in an application for residency. Communities tend to be more expensive due to the large number of services available and their premium location. You may be asked to provide financial proof that you can afford a home in a particular area. You will usually have the choice of owning your own house or renting, depending on what community you are interested in.


Pros and Cons of Senior Community

You will be able to socialize and make friends with people your own age. You can enjoy spending time with people who have the same hobbies and interests as you. You will also be frequently able to access fun and engaging activities. Good medical care is usually close by. Communities are usually relatively small, and getting around is quite easy. In many, the primary mode of transportation is golf carts instead of cars.

There are a couple downsides. Due to the location of many communities, you may find it hard to visit with your friends and family as much as you would like. Some people find it difficult to adjust moving to a new place if they have been in their previous home for a long time.

The financial requirements can be quite daunting too. Senior communities are generally used by people who are well off and can afford to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Senior communities offer a place for retirees to live out their golden years in comfort while also providing them access to great recreational activities, socialization with their peers, and health care. Age requirements typically range between 55 and 65, and most are found in warmer states. The majority of retirees find they enjoy such a lifestyle, although some may wish they were closer to their loved ones. If people can afford it, it is generally a fine option for retirement.


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