The Top Four Best Retirement Communities in the USA

The best retirement communities in the US are the ones that provide for all of a senior citizen’s needs. These communities provide not only many forms of entertainment but also top-notch medical care, transportation, food and other services. However, it should be noted that a community that is ideal for one person might not be a suitable option for another. A lot depends on a person’s needs, likes, dislikes and budget. Following is a list of some of the top retirement communities in the US:


Green Valley, Arizona

Green Valley, Arizona is one of the best retirement communities in the  States because it has a lot to offer any retiree. Green Valley is in fact a conglomerate of retirement communities, some of which are more active than others are. This area of the United States has many varied forms of entertainment, from golfing and hiking to bird watching, artistic colonies and natural wonders. The cost of housing is low but one should be prepared to pay annual dues at Green Valley Recreation, Inc. Some Green Valley retirement communities have age requirements while others do not.


The Villages, Florida

The Villages in Florida is one of the best retirement communities in the US for those who are still active. It has well over 70,000 residents who live and work together in community. Popular holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Halloween are celebrated together. Florida has beautiful weather all year round and The Villages offer golf courses, country clubs with free membership for residents, painting, quilting, scrap booking, swimming, yoga and more. An average home in the Villages would cost around $250,000. Utilities cost around $400 per month while the monthly fee for amenities comes to $130. The Villages is an age restricted community for those who are 55 years of age or older.


Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

Holly Lake Ranch is not only one of the US best retirement communities but also one of the safest. It is a gated community with a 24/7 security staff. Over a thousand families live in this community and there are no age restrictions for residents. The community provides an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, pools, lakes, parks, recreation halls and various activities. Texas has a warm climate year round and Holly Lake is a beautiful retirement spot. A small condo in this community costs well under $100,000; one can also rent an apartment here as well.


Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Hot Springs Village in Arkansas is definitely one of the best retirement communities in the US. It is the largest gated retirement community in the United States, making it a very safe place to retire. It offers hiking trails, lakes stocked with fish and numerous civic clubs. Arkansas is one of the cheapest places to retire to in the United States, making this retirement community one of the best retirement communities to live in the US  with a limited budget. One can purchase a home here for as little as $100,000, although a larger house may cost up to $1,000,000. A person renting a home in this area has to be at least 21 years of age.


In Summary

Each of the four best retirement communities in the US have much to offer. Each of these communities is located in the Southern United States, where the weather is warm all year round. Each community is also large and has many varied activities for its residents.

However, no retirement community is perfect and each community will have its weak points. A retiree should consider his or her options carefully and choose the community that he or she feels is most suitable.


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