What is a Retirement Village

A retirement village is a place designed specifically for seniors or retirees to live.   When people become retired, oftentimes they have more time to engage in leisure activities. Such a place is usually built with this in mind. Normally there are many engaging things to do in such a location. Swimming pools, golf courses, walking and hiking trails, and close proximity to stores and restaurants are typical features of these villages.

There are requirements for eligibility. Normally the village requires at minimum someone in a household is at least 55, sometimes 60 or even older. This helps build a sense of community by having everybody in the retirement village be close to the same age. Housing can vary quite a bit. Some villages have very similar housing for everybody, while others have everything from duplexes, apartments, to single family homes.

Sometimes this type of retirement place can be fairly large. Some bigger ones, typically in warmer states approach a population of 15,000 or even more. This means that there is lots to do. Oftentimes these places will have clubs or associations dedicated to almost every kind of hobby or activity you can think of. You can find places to enjoy card games, dancing, music, theater, sports, and more. Others are smaller, with a populations of 1,000 or less and may offer a cozier close-knit atmosphere.

The set-up of a village for retirement is made so it it easy to get around. Many places are within walking distance. Some communities have taken to allowing golf carts on the street, which are a much cheaper alternative to cars, and many businesses now feature parking spots for them as well.


Where Can You Find a Village Retirement Village?

The majority of these are located in warmer climates in the United States, like in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

With the growing population of the elderly and has health care increases the life span, retirement villages are becoming plentiful in other states as well. Many other countries also have them, including England, New Zeland, and Spain.

Many retirees find the idea of a village for your retirement quite appealing. Oftentimes, it is in warm climate, and they have easy access to fun things to do.   Good medical care is often close by as well. With a population of people in a similar age range, it is often easy to make friends and enjoy activities with others.


Finding More Information

Many of these more prominent villages often a website dedicated to their specific features, amenities, and housing. You can usually get more details by simply calling or e-mailing the person in charge. Communities are always looking for new members and will be glad to have you.

There are some downsides to these villages. Sometimes they tend to be a little pricier because of all the services they offer. Additionally, some elderly people may not wish to move because they enjoy being close to their family or are attached to where they live currently. These villages for retirement may be closer than you think however, and might just be a great place for you to live.

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