Why You May Want to Retire in Arkansas

Many people retire in Arkansas because of its warm climate, beautiful scenery and low cost of living.

Arkansas’ overall climate is humid sub-tropical which means the summers are typically hot and humid while winters tend to be mild.  With one of the lowest per capita incomes in the country, homes in Arkansas are relatively inexpensive.

However, another attraction to the state is its planned retirement communities.   Other attractions such as the Ozarks and the many lakes provide plenty of opportunity for recreational activities throughout the state.


Where Should You Live in Arkansas?

There are a number of options from which you can choose when you want to retire in Arkansas.   Although not a certified retirement community, many retirees turn to the Hot Springs Village, which is the largest gated community in the country.   This recreational community offers golf courses, lakes trails and a general sense of safe living.   Homes can cost as little as $65,000 or more than $1,000,000.   The Hot Springs Village is ideal for those who do not mind living in a remote area.

Those who enjoy college towns may find Fayetteville, home to the University of Arkansas, ideal with its below average cost of living.   It is also home to the Ozark National Forest as well as the Walton Arts Center among many other cultural centers.   Like Hot Springs, Fayetteville is a bit remote but it is nearby other cities such as Bella Vista, Eureka Springs and Rogers that also offer attractive atmospheres and communities for retirees.


How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Arkansas?

The cost of living in Arkansas is one of the lowest in the country.   In Little Rock, the average cost of electricity for a 2000 square foot home is a little more than $60 a month.   The average cost of a home is around $120,000.   The average cost of food in this city is less than the national average as it the average cost of housing.   However, utilities tend to be higher in Little Rock than in other cities in the country.

With areas such as Fayetteville, Hot Springs and Little Rock, the cost of living tends to be higher than other cities in the state but still below the national average.   Taking into account that there are various retirement communities that offer amenities such as assisted living and independent living, you may find it worth it retiring in Arkansas.   Overall, the cost of goods such as food and other household items are low in the whole state.

The low cost of living and warm weather are a couple of reasons why you may want to retire in Arkansas.   Whether you enjoy small town living or a more urban environment, you have many options in this state.   You have a variety of activities from which to choose as well as a few options in the kinds of amenities you need in order to live a safe and comfortable lifestyle.   You can find just the right community to make your retirement years enjoyable.


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