Phoenix Retirement Communities, How to Choose the Right One

Phoenix retirement communities are not hard to find. The city is one of the best places to retire in and there are numerous retirement communities to choose from. While some communities are better than others, it is not possible to say which community is the best across the board. A lot depends on what type of community a person is looking for. Active retirees will want to find a community that has golfing, fishing, boating, hiking and other outdoor sports opportunities while those who have a medical condition will want to find a community with easy access to top quality medical facilities.

As some communities are more expensive than others, a person’s budget will naturally determine what sort of community he or she can afford to live in. Following are some Phoenix retirement communities that offer top notch services and amenities. These communities each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but are, generally speaking, great places to live.


Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand offers many amenities that cater to the needs of active and semi active retirees. This community is built in a scenic area and has four 18-hole golf courses, a number of fitness centers, areas for playing tennis and softball, large pools and numerous hiking opportunities. Those who prefer sedentary activities will find over eighty clubs and classes to join. The price of housing in the community varies, but at the present moment a two bedroom house would cost from $350,000 on up.


Ventana Lakes

Ventana Lakes is not only a beautiful place to live but also a relatively affordable one. While the cost of a home in many retirement communities in Phoenix that starts at $300,000 or even more, a retiree can purchase a two or even three bedroom home in Ventana Lakes for under $125,000. The community has man-made lakes, clubhouses and numerous other amenities and activities. Ventana Lakes has a small town feel even though it is located in the heart of a large city, and it caters to the needs and requirements of active retirees.


Arizona Grand Senior Living Community

Arizona Grand is one of the many Phoenix retirement communities that provide assisted living facilities for senior citizens who need care. Meals are provided by the community, along with a number of social activities, programs and other forms of entertainment. Trained nurses are at the ready to help provide medical care as needed; as long as a retiree has relatively stable health, he or she should be able to continue living in the community as long as desired. The price of a bedroom in the community starts at $1,730 a month.


Westminster Village

Westminster Village is unique in that it is run by a not for profit foundation. This retirement community offers both independent living and assisted living facilities. Those who only need periodic care can take advantage of the emergency button installed in each home. Trained nurses and staff are at the ready to assist a senior citizen as needed.

Westminster Village provides food that can be purchased by the residents; those who need full time care are naturally provided with ready made meals. Those who have already taken up residence in Westminster Village but cannot afford to keep paying the monthly fee are able to apply for aid as needed.

These are just some of the many retirement communities that one can choose from. As the list above demonstrates, Phoenix retirement communities are each different; a community that is ideal for one person may not suit the needs of another. A person who is considering retiring in Phoenix should research these and even other communities to see which one would best suit his or her needs and budget.


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