Best Place to Retire in the World

The best place to retire in the world for Americans, outside the country is Costa Rica.

There are many advantages to be found living outside of the US, where expenses are lower, including real estate, medical care, food costs, and travel, but there will be lowered standards.


Live like a king

Living like a king in Costa Rica is not expensive because the people are happy with less money and a simple lifestyle.

Costa Rica is located toward the southern part of Central America. There are a little over 3 million people who speak Spanish, but English is commonly spoken.


Nature and open space

The fact that there would be much less of a language barrier in Costa Rica is one of the huge advantages it offers. The country covers over 50,000 kilometers of land and includes volcanoes, mountains, dense forest, wonderful beaches and a rare natural beauty. Flying from the Gulf Coast states, Costa Rica is only a 3-hour flight.

Without exchange controls on foreign money, foreigners will enjoy the rights just like Costa Rica’s citizens. The country has a long history of stability and co-operation with the US in the Central American region.


Tax Exemptions

A very strong case for Costa Rica being the best place to retire in the world and live is that any profits made within the country are not taxed. Nationals, foreigners or non-residents pay no taxes on profits. Royalty income from out of the country is exempted from tax for residents and non-residents. This is very attractive to oil heirs, artists, writers or anyone who receives income from royalties.

Living in the country is easy to do on a budget as little as $1,000 to $1,300 a month. Living might be an understatement because this kind of income would provide much more than what this amount of money would buy in the US.

The housing choices are varied, including independent or assisted living as well as retirement communities. The country is a natural wonder, so anywhere would be a tropical paradise.


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