Why You May Want to Retire to Uruguay

You can retire to Uruguay if taking to an international location is in your retirement plans.   Many expatriates are attracted to this country because it offers a comfortable climate as well as other amenities.   You can apply for residency in Uruguay by undergoing a criminal background check and a health screening and provide some verification of your source of income.   This source can be social security or a pension.   You also do not need to completely leave your old life behind as residents are allowed to bring household goods duty free.


What Does It Take to Live in Uruguay?

You are required to have at least $500 a month if you want to retire to Uruguay.   You also do not have to report foreign sources of income as they are not subject to taxes.   You are also allowed to keep an Uruguayan passport with an American passport.   You can also purchase a health plan from participating healthcare facilities, but some hospitals may refuse to sell plans based on age or preexisting conditions.

With a large European population, Spanish is the primary language spoken in Uruguay.   Many people who retire to Uruguay continue to speak other languages such as English, but it is mostly used in tourist spots, shopping centers and restaurants so it would be helpful to know conversational Spanish.   You can actually live a somewhat luxurious lifestyle from between $1000 to $2500 complete with a health plan and housekeeping service.

Rent can cost less than $750 a month while transportation is less than $60.   Gas may be around $40 while electricity costs less than $150 a month.   Food expenses may be around $350 a month with telephone, Internet and cable totaling about $65 per month.   With water around $15, you can spend around $400 each month on entertainment.



Where Should You Live When You Retire to Uruguay?

There are many kinds of living options when you want to retire to Uruguay.   For instance, if you prefer the city, Montevideo provides a hub for many distinct neighborhoods.   You can enjoy shops and neighborhood cafes as well as the theater and tango clubs.   You can also choose to live in the countryside where many ranches, estates and agricultural communities are located in cities such as Durazno, Florida, Minas and Rocha.

  This may be an ideal option if you enjoy quiet nights.   Uruguay also has 200 miles of beaches on its coastline.   In fact, the Punta del Este hosts events, entertainment and other recreational events 24 hours a day.

More people are finding out how easy it is to retire  in Uruguay.   The benefit of living a high standard of living at a low cost is very attractive to some.   Also, Uruguay is very friendly toward expatriates and has the same kind of infrastructure you already know from the States.   Another benefit is that the country does not have earthquakes or hurricanes.   If you are looking for a politically stable and safe environment, Uruguay just may be the ideal destination for your retirement.


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