Choosing the Best Places to Live When You Retire

Finding the best places to live when you retire depends upon a number of different factors unique to each retiree. Most people may expect to live modestly in their retirement, so choosing a relatively inexpensive location may be one of the most important factors. Others may decide that climate is the most crucial element in deciding where to live while being in a small town or close to a metropolitan can be the driving force for many retirees. In any case, one needs to consider all these things when choosing.


Some Economical Choices

When looking for a viable retirement community, cost will figure heavily in determining if it is one of the best places to relocate when you retire. Those who are not averse to living overseas will find that there are many countries where they can live comfortably with a modest income. For instance, Nicaragua is one of the cheapest places and has a retiree and foreign residency program to attract retirees. The cost of living is very low and property values are reasonable.


Mexico is also one of the best places to live for retirees who want to live somewhat luxuriously with a modest budget. Cities like Puerto Vallarta in particular have a distinct Mexican culture with beaches, golf courses and marinas for all to enjoy. Expatriates in Mexico do not have to pay an import tax and can possibly find beach front property for less than $100,000. Furthermore, the country offers quality medical care for a fraction of the cost in the States.

Another one of the best places to live cheaply in retirement is Ecuador, particularly the city of Cuenca. Here it is possible to live off less than $1500 a month, which includes a two-bedroom apartment for about $500. This monthly budget includes such luxuries as housekeeping service, entertainment and health care as well as the costs of using and maintaining a car. People can live in smaller cities such as Cotacachi for the same low cost.


Another Choice for the Best Places to Live

The ability to live an active lifestyle may be crucial as one determines the best places to live when you retire. One does not have to leave the States to find such a place. For example, New Hampshire is a no income tax state with the charm of small town living and access to metropolitan areas such as Boston as well as an array of other recreational activities.


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