Reasons to Retire to Alabama

Retire to Alabama for a friendly, welcoming community and a warm, subtropical climate. If that is not enough, there are many other reasons to relocate to Alabama. Read on to learn more about what Alabama has to offer to its retirees.


The Facts

Many people relocates to Alabama for its financial benefits. The state’s cost of living is among the nation’s lowest. In particular, Alabama’s low tax burden attracts many retirees. Federal and state pensions, social security benefits, and “defined benefit plan” pensions are all exempt from Alabama state income taxes. The cost of land is low relative to the rest of the country. Property taxes are the lowest in the entire United States and the sales tax is at a rate of only 4%.

Another great thing Alabama has to offer to retirees is access to top-notch health care. Places like Birmingham and Montgomery, among others, have great health care facilities. Alabama also offers retirees affordable health insurance options. The Affordable Care Act created the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program to assist in covering early retirees, ages 55 and up, who are not yet eligible to receive Medicare benefits.

Retirement communities in Alabama have much to offer to potential residents. With tons of amenities, activities, affordable prices, social settings, and independent and assisted living options it is hard to go wrong.


The Fun

As mentioned, Alabama’s residents are known for their friendliness and hospitality. A strong sense of family and community is present that cannot be found in many other more populous areas of the country. Many retirees will find this to be a very inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for retired life.

Alabama’s mild winters and scorching hot summers are a huge enticement to retire to Alabama. Beautiful beaches and average temperatures ranging from the 50s in the winter to the 90s in the summer make this southern state an ideally luxurious and relaxing place for retirement. Life in Alabama truly is a never-ending vacation.

There are many leisurely outdoor activities to keep one active in Alabama. Gorgeous scenery makes for some incredible golf courses and golf community living is abundant. Over 20 state parks, like Joe Wheeler State Park and the Gulf State Park, scenic trails, and public and private garden tours provide opportunities to experience and enjoy the natural beauty that Alabama has to offer.

There are numerous reasons to retire to Alabama. When considering retirement options, keep Alabama’s warm beaches and friendly faces in mind. Visit to find your reason to retire to Alabama.


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