Brevard: The Best Place to Retire in NC

The best place to retire in NC is debatable; you will likely receive as many answers as people you ask. The reason for the variety of responses is apparent to anyone that has ever visited the vibrant state, which features everything from bustling towns, to coastal beaches, to majestic mountains, and which boasts a comfortable yet realistic year-round temperature:

North Carolina is a beautiful place to live, and is attractive to anyone, regardless of age. Nevertheless, the town of Brevard has many special features that stand out from the rest, making it truly the best place to retire in.

The town of Brevard, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountain range, and close to the Georgian border, is located in North Carolina’s Transylvania County. Its mascot, celebrated through an annual festival, is the white squirrel. Although the population of North Carolina as a whole exceeds eight million people, Brevard is home to only 7,000 of them, making it an intimate and welcoming community, in which forming close relationships with neighbors and other townspeople is a relatively easy task.

Although the factors listed above are enough to convince most people of its viability as an ideal retirement location, there are so many other reasons that Brevard is, arguably, the best place to retire in NC, notably, its countless opportunities for maintaining an active lifestyle, and its opportunities for cultural enrichment such as the Brevard Summer Music Festival.


The Brevard Music Center Makes the Town of Brevard a Hot Contender for Best Place to Retire in NC

The Brevard Music Center is internationally recognized as being a consistently high-quality presenter of cultural events, including opera, chamber music, and a great variety of other types of music and entertainment. Attracting world-class artists and aspiring students alike through the Brevard Summer Music Festival, the center allows year-round Brevard residents to experience art in real-time, on a level that far exceeds expectations of what might normally be produced in a small mountain town.

Having such a vibrant arts community provides countless opportunities for retirees to develop new cultural interests, and offers them a means of actively pursuing those interests on a regular basis.

Culture is not the only attraction in Brevard however, and it is certainly not the only reason that so many agree upon its status as the best place to retire in NC. The combination of a bustling town center and peaceful mountain surroundings make Brevard an ideal place to find balance between active living and an active social life.

Hiking, water sports such as kayaking and canoeing, cycling, and of course shopping are only a few examples how Brevard retirees maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a community that is active in the arts, one that encourages active living, or you are just interested in living in a scenic environment with friendly neighbors, you will be sure to find what you are looking for in the town of Brevard. Plan a visit, and discover for yourself why Brevard is the best place to retire in NC.


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